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Miracle 2 of Utah
Recommended Books

The Essential Survival Guide to
Medical Preparedness New! New! New!
by Julie Behling-Hovdal
with Rebecca Potter, M.H. & Col. Edward Behling (Ref.)
Visions of Glory New! New! New! by John Pontius
As a Thief in the Night by Roger K Young
Alkalize or Die by Theodore A Baroody
Rub A Dub Dub - In Cancer in Your Tub  
Dreams and Visions in the Last Days by Roger K Young
They Must Needs be Chastened and Tried by Roger K Young
Breakthrough Miracle Mineral Supplement by Jim Humble
The Word of Wisdom by Gary Powell

Miracle II of Utah is very selective on the books we offer for sale. We believe in providing reading material that will improve your life and enhance your spirit. The selections provided are those that are requested and recommended by our customers themselves. If you have any other books that your feel will fit our criteria, please fell free to send us an email so we can provide another rich resource to our friends and customers.

Our current book selection includes the following:

Visions of GloryVisions of GloryAs a thief in the night

Dreams and VisionsWord of Wisdom BookAlkalize or Die! by Theodore A. Baroody

Visions of Glory

The Essential Survival Guide to
Medical Preparedness
by Julie Behling-Hovdal
with Rebecca Potter, M.H. & Col. Edward Behling (Ref.)

Our price $24.85

An easy, step-by-step guide to handling injury, infectious disease, chronic illness, pregnancy, childbirth, sanitation, personal hygiene, mental health, & more with:

The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness

  • Essential oils,
  • Herbs,
  • Basic medic skills,
  • Basic reflexology & acupressure,
  • A healthy lifestyle using food storage,
  • And more!!

This book is 400+ pages of pure wisdom that will help you improve your health now while becoming empowered to deal with medical issues in a disaster/collapse scenario! More information.

Visions of Glory
Visions of Glory

Visions of Glory
by John Pontius

Our price $14.89, Reg. Retail $21.00

Cedar Fort, Incorporated/C F I Distribution - 2012 - Paperback - 268 pages - ISBN 1462111181

Visions of Glory recounts the amazing near-death experiences and subsequent visions of Spencer, as told by John Pontius. Spencer shares his incredible visions of the overwhelming events that he saw cleanse and reshape the United States and parts of Canada. He describes foreign invasion, a devastating plague, floods, earthquakes, changes in weather and the constellations of heaven, the return of the Ten Tribes, the miraculous journey of the Saints to build the New Jerusalem and temple, the gathering of the elect, the miracles of the millennium, and the final celestialization of the earth at the end of the millennium. Learn about these future happenings and many other astonishing events long prophesied in scripture but never described in such vivid detail. Visions of Glory is a mesmerizing and fascinating read that you will not be able to put down.

As a Thief in the Night
As a Thief
in the Night

As a Thief in the Night
by Roger K Young

After being unavailable for years, the expanded 1998 version is finally back in print! The much acclaimed, number one selling LDS reference book on the prophecies and events of the last days by Roger K. Young has been expanded and updated with over 40 more pages of information and over 100 more scriptural references. A must for any student of the scriptures and the prophecies of the last day. More information and multiple orders
Special discounts on orders over 10. * Call 801-489-3471

Dreams and Visions
Dreams and Visions of the Last Days $19.50

Dreams and Visions of the Last Days
[Roger K Young]

The purpose and intent of this book is actually very simple. It is to perhaps convince a few more people to follow the living Prophet more closely, and to prepare themselves and their families for the events which lie in the (near?) future by preparing Spiritually (getting temple recommends and using them often), Physically (obtain a minimum one year supply of food, clothing, shelter and other necessities), and Mentally. And as part of this preparation to come to understand some of the events that they will likely have to pass through. Elder Oaks recently in the April 2004 LDS General Conference encouraged all members of the Church throughout the world to ?accelerate our own preparation and try to influence the preparation of those around us.? This is a small effort to comply with that counsel. Read more
Special discounts on orders over 10. * Call 801-489-3471

They Must Needs be Chastened and Tried $19.50

They Must Needs be Chastened and Tried.
The Coming Test and Apostasy.
[Roger K Young]

The purpose of this book is to simply warn as many as possible that the days of severe trials, terrible tribulations and apostasy are not over for the Church. Therefore, we must be careful to not be confused, to remain vigilant, and to be determined and prepared to keep all of the commandments and to follow living Prophets and Apostles without hesitation no matter what they ask of us. I am hoping this book will help in this endeavor so that a few more will pass the test that is coming. Read more

Word of Wisdom BookWord of Wisdom - Why is it? What is it?New Lower Pricing

This book has a tenacity to help people achieve wellness based upon sound proven principles. Gary Powell the author is a skilled natural therapist with a diploma in Nutrition and Modern Dietetics among other things. Throughout his life he researched the nutritional side of the scriptures as it relates to good health and found the Word of Wisdom to be the perfect fit. He believes the Lord is no fool and knows exactly what our bodies need. He advocates listening to the “still small voice” rather than the constantly screaming voice of Big Pharma and the food industry. Read more Pages 122.

Limited Time pricing!

The Word of Wisdom Book
Was 5 for 14.95 ea.
5 copies $9.99 ea

The Word of Wisdom Book
Was 1 for 19.95 ea.
1 copy $11.00 ea.

Alkalize or Die! by Theodore A. Baroody

Alkalize or Die $14.45

Alkalize or Die, by
Dr Theodore A. Baroody
220 pages

Disease does not exist in a body with the correct acid-alkaline balance. This book is a fascinating read.
More a more complete review on this enlightening book.

mmscover2.jpg - 4052 BytesMMS Book
Breakthrough, The Miracle Mineral of the 21st Century

For more information on MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - read the book - Breakthrough, the Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, written by Jim Humble. According to the Humble, in the human body, the Chlorine Dioxide Ion is the most powerful killer of disease that has ever been known. The book is about the discovery and the struggle to bring MMS to the world. Although the book is not available on this Miracle 2 of Utah website - it is available on www.Amazon.com click on The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century 3rd edtion (Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century)

Rub a Dub, Dub, Is Cancer in Your Tub?

Rub a Dub, Dub,
Is Cancer in Your Tub?

Sorry Now Out of Print

DEA is an ingredient found in over 600 personal care products, such as: shampoos, cosmetics, and bubble baths. DEA has been linked to cancer. You probably did not know that! What else are we unaware of? This is a wonderful full-color brochure to help introduce people to the need for education and caution when it comes to selecting products for the family - products that could actually harm them (18 pages). $1.50 each... Special discounts on orders over 10. * Call 801-489-3471


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