Trail Blazer Ultra Light 5.0L
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Rapid pure UltraCeram
Emergency Water Filters

Trail Blazer Ultra Light 5.0L (6.5") Item# 300-6.5

RAPIDPURE TRAIL BLAZER Ultra Light 5.0L/m 6.5" Filter

Likely Users: Emergency preparedness, Missionary workers and do-it-yourself clients

Two 2 gallon buckets and a spigot make an ideal drip system and a 5 gallon pail with a gamma lid will store and hold all the parts together for an emergency. User drills 1/2" hole in the bottom of a pail and inserts RapidPure Trail Blazer filter. 

Click here for Assembly Intructions


• The filter is extremely light in weight and comes in three different sizes: 1.4L, 2.5” (1.9oz.), 3.6L, 4.5” (2.1oz.), 5.0L, 6.5” (2.5oz.).

• The filter has a 1/2" long threaded shaft with a hose barb connection point.

• Filter includes 2 sealing washers and a wing nut so it can be installed in a pail or a water bag.

RapidPure Trail Blazer filter elements can be used as a replacement for any stainless steel can or bucket and even a bag based gravity drip water system. The 6.5” filter can even filter a larger container of up to 10 gallons of water in less than an hour giving you clean flesh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, hygiene and any other purpose clean pure water is needed for daily use.

RapidPure filter elements are light in weight, can withstand rougher handling, very easy to pack and carry unlike heavier ceramic filters that bump, crack, and break. The Trail Blazer element could also be used as a straw to drink from a murky water source and the life expectancy of the filter is greater.

Trail Blazer Ultra Light 5.0L

How do RapidPure UltraCeram filterswork?

Certified Performance by Third-party Testing

Percent removal of the challenge species

Pioneer Straw 1.2L, 2.5”

Recommended: for travelers, a hunter, bugout emergency enthusiasts and it’s handy to carry in 72 hr. kit.

• Filter is interchangeable with RapidPure Scout for hydration packs.
• Double O-Ring replacement Rapid Pure filter element.
• Very small, extremely lightweight (1.9oz.), easy to use.
• Includes straw and blue carrying pouch.
• Also compatible for use with the RapidPure Intrepid

RapidPure Pioneer Straw camp filters remove bacteria and cysts from drinking water and capture viruses that are too small for other filtration systems. This UltraCeram Nano filter removes and reduces 99.9999% of cryptosporidium, giardia, cysts, bacteria and viruses without chemicals.

Trail Blazer Ultra Light 5.0L

Intrepid Water Bottle 750ML with 2.5"
Filter Item 750-WBIF-2.5”

Intrepid Water Bottle 750ml?750-WBIF-2.5

Part# 750-WBIF-2.5

The Rapid Pure Intrepid Sport Water Bottle?has the UltraCeram filter that removes and reduces cryptosporidium, giardia, cysts, bacteria and viruses without chemicals. Intrepid connector system grabs the straw from the exterior for reliable water flow. Pre-filter wrap is washable to remove large sediment build-up and extend the life of the sub-micron filter.

RapidPure’s new filter purifier technology outperforms all other recreational water filters. Third party independent testing shows bacteria and virus reduction at 99.9999% and cyst removal at 99.998% at just 2 psig, from just 4.5 feet of elevation.

  • Holds 750ml or 25.360517 oz’s of water
  • Ergonomic design and easy to hold
  • Soft non-slip, non-scratch base
  • BPA free material and fits car cup holder
  • Protective flip-top cover
  • Dish washer safeBottle size is approximately 2” x 9”
Intrepid Water Bottle 750ML with 2.5"
Filter Item 750-WBIF-2.5”



Features Include:

• One 3.6L minute 4.5" filter
• 9L Reservoir Bag
• Threaded filter shaft with barbed connector
• Two sealing washers and a wing nut
• One 8" tubing w/pinch clamp

Perfect application for emergency preparedness (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods earthquakes), hikers, campers, hunters and travelers to undeveloped countries.

How does a PapidPure UltraCeram filter work?

Even if there is a "hole" or "pore" in the media that would seem big enough to let a virus or a tiny particle pass - it does not pass the UltraCeram filter. There is an electropositive + charge to the Rapid Pure UltraCeram media that electrically attracts and bonds to viruses and particles.

Water molecules have 10 protons and 10 electrons, so as a whole they are neutral and pass freely through the media. Viruses contain DNA or RNA which is negatively charged because of the phosphate ions that make up the chemical backbone.  The positive charge of the UltraCeram filter attracts the viruses' negative charge and holds them in place.



Threaded 1/2" Shaft, a wing nut and two flat washers - ideal for water bags, strainless steel cans, buckets and etc.

Go to this page for practical use and Assembly Intructions

  • Nano Filtration Technology leapfrogs the competition in drinking water filters
  • Trail Blazer Ultra light filter is very light weight, easy to use and quick to install
  • This system is ideal to use in rapid response situations
  • Great flow rate at up to 3.6 liters per minute
  • Filter will accept water from floods, lakes, rain, well, tap and river
  • Can filter 1,000's of gallons depending on initial water clarity
  • Durable and not fragile like other ceramic filters
  • RapidPure filters capture viruses that are too small for other filtration systems to capturer

Third party independent testing of RapidPure filters done at just 2 psig water pressure (which is equal to 4.5’ of elevation)

How do RapidPure UltraCeram filterswork?



6.5” Trail Blazer Water Filtering Kit

1) Trail Blazer Ultralight 5.0L minute Filter, 6.5" in length (300-6.5)

2) 2 gallon pre-drilled buckets with tear off lids

1) 3/4” Spigot

A five gallon pail with a gamma lid makes a great storage container to hold all the parts together.

Installation Instructions for setting up a RapidPure drip bucket water filtration purification system.



4.5” Trail Blazer Water Filtering Kit

1) Trail Blazer Ultralight 3.6L minute Filter, 4.5" in length (300-4.5)

2) 2 gallon pre-drilled buckets with tear off lids

1) 3/4” Spigot

A five gallon pail with a gamma lid makes?a great storage container to hold all the parts together.

Installation Instructions for setting up a RapidPure drip bucket water filtration purification system.



Item# HYD 040-2.5

Rapid Pure Scout Model Filter for Inline Hydration Back Pack - the technology in RapidPure filter media is better than 2 micron, 1 micron; it is even better than 0.1 micron absolute pore size filters. In fact, it is?essentially a 0 micron filter?- beating all others on the market. How can it be? A zero micron filter would not even pass water. How does it work? We feel that this is simply the best available technology today.

What is the benefit of using a RapidPure filter?
Rapid Pure filters deliver very high quality drinking water.

What is the down side to the user?
High quality filtration reduces filter element life.

The decision that the user must make is - what’s most important?
Water quality or filter life?
Staying healthy with high quality filtration or having more money in your pocket?
Stated another way, either you have a RapidPure filter or you become the filter.

RapidPure filters are designed to filter all types of water with
excellent removal of...
  • Virus
  • Ortho-phosphate
  • Bacteria
  • PCB’s
  • Cyst
  • BPA
  • Humic Acid
  • Penicillin
  • Bromine
  • Flumenquine
  • Chlorine
  • Iodine
  • Polysaccharides
  • Lead 8.5 ph
RapidPure also has good removal of...
  • Arsenic III 6.5 ph
  • Arsenic III 8.5
  • Arsenic V 6.5 ph
  • Ferrous iron
  • Lead 6.5 ph
  • Soluble silica
  • Trihalomethanes (THM)
  • VOC

2 x Scout 2.5” Filter 1.2L/min
Hydration System

2 x $27.75 = $55.50
Scout 2.5” Filter 1.2L/min
Hydration System

1 x $28.85

Scout Hydration Filtration System Instructions for Use

How to Install a RapidPure Scout filter on my Hydration Pack?

  1. Locate the best place in the tubing to install the Scout filter and make sure the filter is installed where the tubing will not be pinched.
  2. Cut the hydration line at desired location usually near the mouth piece.
  3. Insert the Scout filters barbed ends into the hydration pack hose with the arrow pointing towards the mouthpiece.
  4. Double check the tubing to be sure it’s securely attached to the filter fittings.
  5. Scout filter with Hydration pack is now ready to be used.
How to replace a Scout Filter Element?
  1. Remove Scout top cap by turning it counter-clockwise 3/8” then pull top cap up and out of Scout filter body housing.
  2. Pull the filter element out of Scout body housing.
  3. Be careful not to puncture, slice or crush the filter element.
  4. Put the replacement filter in Scout housing making sure both o-rings fully seat into the discharge ports.
  5. Make sure key tabs and slots lock shut.
  6. Insert the top cap and rotate clockwise 3/8” until the tabs are fully seated in groove of Scout body housing.
  7. Make sure Scout top cap o-ring is not pinched or bunched up, if this occurs remove Scout top cap and top cap ? turn to new location on housing and reinstall.
  8. If Scout top cap o-ring still pinches or bunches up apply a bit of petroleum jelly to Scout top cap o-ring and reinstall Scout top cap as directed above.
  9. Scout filter Hydration pack is now ready to be used.

ASSEMBLING a Bucket Drip System using a RapidPure filter Element

Assembling a filter begins by drilling a 1/2" hole in the bottom center of the top bucket and another 1/2" hole through the lid of the bottom bucket. The holes should be directly in line with one another. Ignore drilling procedure if the holes are already there.

This next step may vary depending upon the space that must be filled between the lid of the bottom bucket and the bottom surface of the top bucket. Some buckets have a raised rim at the underneath bottom center of each bucket that will leave a gap for the water to leak through. It may be necessary to use both flat washers between the lid and the bottom of the top bucket to fill the gap so water does not leak into the clean water through the lid of the bottom bucket.

The filter comes with two 1/2" flat washers. Assuming your bucket isn’t like the one described above leave just one flat washer on the stem of the filter and lower the filter assembly carefully down into the top bucket. As you lower the filter gently align the shaft so it fits through the base of the bucket. If the hole is too tight you can take a pocket knife and lightly scrape the hole to ease the assembly of the shaft.

Take the second 1/2" flat washer and install it on to the shaft after you assemble the lid of the bottom bucket to the bottom of the top bucket. In other words the second washer goes on just before the wing nut and it is meant to provide a seal if water accidently settles into the lid of the bottom bucket.

Once the lid, the filter and wing nut are fitted together, gently tighten the wing nut to prevent contamination or leakage. Be cautious and do not over tighten the nut so much it stresses and cracks the filter or its stem.

Now let’s do a leak test as follows...take a cup of water and pour a thin layer of water into the top bucket but be careful not to add so much it begins to run through the filter element. Also take a cup and pour a little water into the top of the lid where it attaches to the top bucket. Let the water sit in both places for 20 to 30 minutes and then carefully raise the bucket up and inspect to make sure no water has leaked around the wing nut where the shaft goes through the lid. If there is a leak, it needs to be fixed to prevent unfiltered water from entering the bottom bucket where the clean water is supposed to be. The fix may be as simple as switching the flat washers to a different position as described above.

It will also be necessary to install a 3/4" spigot to the bottom bucket. The hole is drilled deep into the sidewall of the bucket, but not so far down it makes it impossible to screw the nut onto the shaft of the spigot. When installed the nut fits on the inside wall near the floor of the bucket. If the hole is drilled too low in the side of the bucket the nut will interfere with the floor of the bucket making it impossible to install the spigot. If the holes too high you won’t be able to get all the water out of the bucket. It’s best to use the nut to determine the positioning so you’ll know exactly where to put the spigot hole.

For anyone who's not good with details, we provide a complete ready-made pre-drilled kit that is already to use in case of emergency. Filter life can be extended if you take a piece of dish cloth and wrap it around the filter element. Securing the cloth with a rubber band is particularly good where extreme turbid water and contaminants are noticeable such as fish scales, fecal matter and etc. When you put water in the top bucket it slowly passes through the filtering element and trickles down through the filter shaft on into the bottom bucket. If the water flow becomes too slow you may have to rinse the filter or clean the screening cloth.

 For a small to midsize family it is recommended you have at least two filter kits on hand so you can say "I have a year's supply".

How do RapidPure UltraCeram filters work?

Rapid Pure Ultra Ceram filters do not just capture contaminants that impinge the filter element. The electropositive media attracts and retains viruses, cysts and bacteria. Its electropositive fibrous media has high particle removal efficiency as well as 50 to 250 time’s greater dirt-holding capacity than its competitors.

RapidPure filters are also infused with activated carbon and silver. Silver is a self-sanitizing agent that kills bacteria, preventing growth of captured bacteria.

RapidPure UltraCeram is a particulate and electro adsorbent filter. Depending on the laboratory test method the RapidPure media can be plugged with pure solutions of humic acid, bacteria or particulates to the point where water will no longer flow through the media under normal operating pressure of the device.

RapidPure will also adsorb dissolved contaminants such as lead, cadmium, iron, certain forms of arsenic, zinc and others that pass through hollow fiber and other mechanical filters.

In the real world no water stream is “pure”. All waters contain some mix of contamination that will eventually cause any filter to fail to reduce one contaminant or the other. This is why RapidPure has designed a family of filters to allow the user to select the best combination of filters for their particular application.

Certified Performance by Third-party Testing

RapidPure filters have been tested by an independent, certified laboratory using accepted test methods for the reduction of pathogens using filtration devices. The industry established test methods define the contaminants, their concentration and how the test should be conducted. The challenge solution used in testing the Rapid Pure filter contained virus concentration of 3.65 x 105 (3,650,000 virus) per milliliter of water. Bacteria concentration was 3.45 x 105 (3,450,000 bacteria) per milliliter of water. This would be a total of 70.5 TRILLION pathogens in a liter of water! To help put this number into perspective, it would be similar to the discharge of a municipal sewage treatment plant or that of a highly polluted river such as the Ganges.

Percent removal of the challenge species

Bacteria: Raoultella terrgena >99.9999%*

Virus: MS-2 Bacteriophage >99.9999%*

Parasite: 3.0 micron microspheres >99.998%*

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