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LED Solar Lamp w/Panel and Remote

2000mah Lithium Battery AC/DC Solar Lamp with 2W6V Solar Panel

Item# DU12R/DU12

This is not a normal LED bulb. It’s an AC/DC rechargeable lamp for daily or emergency use renowned for its usefulness and can be taken anywhere after a charge. Therefore ideal for the home, remote area, campsite, tent light, flash light, outdoors, traveling, work projects and anywhere you need light.

Directions for Use:

1. Put the LED lamp switch into OFF position, connect the lamp holder with the AC power socket. Turn on the AC power, then lamp is being recharged. If the lamp switch is into DC position, the lamp works on with AC power. If the lamp switch is into AC position, the lamp works as normal LED bulb.

2. If AC power goes off suddenly, and the switch is into OFF position, the lamp is not recharged and does not work. When the switch is into DC position, the lamp works on with battery inside. When the switch is into AC position, the lamp does not work at once. If the AC power would not come back again after a long time, and there is no need for the lamp, please put the switch into OFF position.

3. If not connect with any AC power by the lamp socket, or when there is no AC power even the lamp is connected with AC power socket, then the LED lamp can work as portable torch. When the lamp is into AC or OFF position, the lamp does not work. When the lamp is into DC position, the lamp works on with the inside battery to provide power.

4. As long as the lamp works on with AC power or with battery inside, the remote controller can turn off and on the lamp directly. Six different brightness levels can be adjusted with the remote controller.

5. Keep the remote controller in the safe place and do not lose it.

6. Avoid looking into the LED beads directly when the lamp works, as it would hurt your eyes with the strong LED beams.

7. Recharge mobile phones or other smaller electronics products with lights DC5V output USB port through USB cable.

Charging Method

To charge the LED lamp, plug the LED lamp into the standard AC socket. Turn ON the AC power and put the lamp switch into OFF position or turn off the lamp with remote controller.

To charge the LED lamp, connect the LED lamp with 2W 6V solar panel through DC6V input hole, put the lamp switch into OFF position or turn off the LED lamp with remote controller, then put the solar panel into sunshine. The specific charging time depends on the intensity of the sunshine.

Charge the LED lamp once in every two months if the LED lamp has not been used for 2 months.

Solar Panel Spec's

Solar Panel Spec's

1. Essential Parameters

Whole Size: L*W*H


Net Weight


Rated Maximum Power


Open Circuite Voltage


Operating Voltage


Short Circuit Current


Operating Current


Maximum System Voltage


Module Operating Temperaature


Performance Tolerance


2. Temperature Coefficient:

Max.Power Temp.


Open Circuit Voltage Temp.


Short Circuit Current Temp.


Nominal Operating Cell Temp.


Standard Test Conditions(STC)





3. Solar Cable Size
Solar panel cable length is 3 meters with 5.5/2.1 DC input hole.

This is a charge box we made for our solar emergency LED portable ceiling lamp slash?rechargeable camping bulbs. (Example of possible application NOT available for purchase).


4 - LED Solar Lamp,
Panel and Remote

$24.39 ea. x 4 = 97.56

2 - LED Solar Lamp,
Panel and Remote

$25.75 ea. x 4 = $51.50.

1 - LED Solar Lamp,
Panel and Remote

$27.10 ea.

Solar Rechargeable Navigator Lantern with Radio & Weather Channel 

Solar Recharging Lantern

Lantern with Radio & Weather Channel6 volt replacement battery

The Solar Navigator is sleek and durable in design and it is the most technologically advanced solar rechargeable lantern available. Features include pivoting light reflector, light output up to 7 hours on high and a built-in solar panel that recharges the lantern from the sun. This Solar Navigator Lantern with its rechargeable 6V 4AH replaceable seal battery offers unparalleled versatility and performance.

Solar Navigator Model SL 9100WLED

Solar Panel – Recharges Anywhere There’s Sun
(2.3 Watt Solar Panel)

LED Light – 12-24 Super Bright LED’s (10/20 hours of light)

Long-Light Output – Shines 7 Hours on High Setting

Flat Panel Design – Ultra Slim and Easy to Handle, Measures 21 x 8 x 37c

Sorry this lantern is temporarily unavailable.

6 volt replacement battery
This battery is still available.

6V/4AH Replacement Battery $12.95ea.

Pivoting Light Reflector – Directs Light Output for Maximum Illumination

AM/FM Radio (NOAA Weather Channel)

AC/DC Charging Adapters (Home and Car)

USB Charging Port

Retractable Carrying Handle for Easy Handling and Storage

6v 4AH Replaceable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
The 6V 4AH is a match for a Power-Sonic PS-640 6V/4.5AH and AP-640 w/F1 Terminal

Exterior Color: White - Material Plastic

1 6V/6AH
$17.95 ea.

2 - 6V/6AH
$16.95 ea.

The 6V/6AH Replacement Battery has the same physical dimension as the PS-640 and AP-640 6V/4.5AH.

The only difference is the amp hour rating. The AP-660 6V 6AH has an amp rating of two additional hours so in other words the charge is rated to last much longer.

These batteries come with a FI terminal for a negative and positive wire connection using a flat 'blade' which is inserted into a receptacle. F1 Terminal - 3/16" (0.187", 4.8mm) wide
The physical dimension of this battery is approximately 2-3/4” x 1-7/8” x 3-15/16”.

AP-660 6V/6AH one(1) for $17.95 ea. or two(2) for $16.95 or $33.90 total for 2.

Sunburst Solar Lantern #9000LED

GMT SL9000 LED Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern
(is no longer available here.)
Talk about GREEN, even though it comes with a backup charging system-- just set it in the sun and let it charge! Several hundred thousandsold have been sold all over the world this most popular functional solar lantern ever built, this patented design uses 24 super bright LED's to provide up to 20 hours of light per full charge. It also sports two bright orange flashing LED's which function as emergency flashers.
The batteries are replaceable so you don't replace the whole lantern when the batteries eventually expire as all batteries do. The solar charging pannel can not be lost as it is built on. It also comes with auto and home chargers. If your charging this lantern with the house charger the built-in emergency auto-on feature powers this lamp on during outages.
Sunburst Solar Lantern a must for every house?


  • 24 Long-Lasting LED lights
  • Features a Low/High power setting
  • Blinking signal light
  • Automatic emergency lighting during power failure
  • Carry Handle
  • Included AC house adaptor
  • Included DC 12V car plug?
  • Over-charge/over-discharge protection


  • Durable plastic construction
  • 2.5W/8.75V solar panel
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 6V/4AH sealed lead acid battery
  • 8 hours of charging in bright sunlight supplies 3 hours of power on high and longer on low power settings
  • 30 hours for a full battery charge in bright sunlight 18-20 hours using the AC adaptor or 12V car plug for a full charge
  • Light Output: 7-12 hours Battery: 6V 4 AH
  • Switch: 4 position: Off-High-Low-Blinker
  • Dimensions: 6.1" x 6.5" x 12.2" / 15.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 31 cm
  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturers warranty

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