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Stem Enhance SE2 Product Testimonial

WOW this is more than just a supplement, with Advanced Formula SE2 Tests show SE2 supports the release of millions MORE adult stem cells...for a longer period of time.


- By Bob Vance

Product Knowledge

On Nov 5, 2005 I began my journey with StemTech Health Sciences well known for its stem cell nutrition. It was about then StemTech began a launch to introduce its flagship product StemEnhance. Following the launch it was very difficult to get the product so I ended up waiting about three weeks before I tried it. Incidentally with the passing of time I had plenty of opportunity to study the research and learn about the products ability to increase the number of circulating stem cells. I seriously doubt having this foreknowledge had anything to do with my ability to feel almost instant results. Although I do admit it did provide awareness so I would know what to expect. Before telling you what the product did for me, I will instead give you an idea of how I felt prior to taking the product.

My condition and diagnosis prior to using Stem Enhance

Lacking what if felt to be a competent doctor to "fine tune me" I was left to live in a body tattered with 3 marginally successful surgeries. Over the years I was involuntarily prescribed band-aids (prescription drugs) like Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Flexural, Amitriptyline and not once was nutrition ever mentioned aside from B12. The Amitriptyline drug was the worst of all the choices; it relaxed every fiber in my body and made me worthless, drowsy and usless for any pruductive effort.

In truth I was tired of having my body taken apart and pieced back together in an experimental way to atempting to relieve chronic pain, leg and back discomfort. In addition to the trivial annoyances mentioned, I might add how effective they are at removing pain from one area and creating new pain in aan other less desirable place.

To gain a better understanding of what I went through permit me to mention three surgeries. The 1st surgery included a 2 level fusion to the sacrum at the L4-5 and L5-S1 level, the 2nd was done to remove the hardware positioned to stabilize the fusion and the 3rd was performed to remove a hemangioma on my liver. To my surprise my gallbladder was also removed as a means to simplify the hemangioma surgery. Now the absence of a gallbladder tends to hinder the process of digestion.

In retrospect to the surgeries and my physician’s inability to help me, I was medically rejected and kicked into the woods to deal with it on my own. My orthopedic surgeon and his therapeutic staff tried to convince me the problem was all in my head. The only place left to lay blame when they don't know what to do further.

The following quote concluded my last session with the orthopedic surgeon and his physical therapist. "We're both very sorry we can't fine tune you like they can do with a carburetor". I suspect he was being a little sympathetic and a tiny bit obnoxious when he said this because he knew full well I had been a mechanic for the past 11 years.

This thought came to mind, wouldn't it be nice if every surgeon was required by law to have surgery himself before he could practice on someone else. Now that I've thought about this it's probably not a good idea for them to practice on one another or they could end up worse off and not be able to perform surgeries.

My physical and chronic symptoms prior to using StemEnhance

In as much as I have your attention please allow me to discuss some of the symptoms that constantly pestered my body and mind. Sitting and standing was a huge issue, therefore; the discomfort was so bad I refused to go on family trips, watch TV or spend much time at a desk. The inability to concentrate above the pain made it almost impossible to hold an office job. Lengthy sitting or standing always turned into enhanced stiffness and decreased mobility which often made it difficult to get up and prevented me from putting my socks on. Lifting things whether they were big or small had a tendency to trigger the onset of crippling back episodes to the point of being bed ridden for days.

Those prescription drugs I was taking rarely relieved the pain or discomfort in fact they caused more pain and aggravation to my stomach. Now that I continue to use Stem Enhance today known as StemEnhance SE2 I seldom take a prescription drug and when I do, it always leads to a more negative slide affect as it relates to my stomach.

My initial experience with this product

The first day I started with one pill in the morning and another one just before bed. The next morning I woke up slightly more relaxed. I continued with the same dosage and noticed a little more pain.

The third day I remembered a conference call where someone had said to increase the dosage to two pills twice a day - so I tried it. That's when things began to click for me; it was about then I had a feeling go throughout my body which gave me an impression stem cells were beginning to circulate though my blood stream. The feeling was kind of like a sudden hot flash or sudden flash of heat with a tingling feeling which started near the center of my chest and spread throughout my body into my fingertips. It was as though I could feel those stem cells migrating to the injured areas - like where I had my back surgeries.

The fourth day I began to feel much better so I decided it was time to replace the u-joints in the driveline of my truck. While I was under the vehicle I could not believe the enhanced mobility I felt. Unlike many other products I have tried - this product changed my life for it has virtually replaced all of my inflammatory and muscle relaxant pills. Now 7 plus years have passed and I still use it and feel better when I do.

It's long term usage and how it affects me now!!

As I learned to read my body it became obviously clear I was taking too many pills in one day so I gradually scaled down to where I am today. I sometimes take none, one or two pills a day. When I stop taking the pills for any length of time I notice a significant decrease in energy and mobility and an increase in pain. Somehow I failed to mention the recovery time - the time it takes to recover from a hard day of work is minimal now compared to what it used to be. And when I take this product daily it is so much easier to maintain a steady consistent pattern of healthy breathing.

My Honest Opinion about the Product

Now when I talk to people I always tell them I believe Stem SE2 is the absolute best product on the market to date. Why can I solidly state this? Because it truly works and performs as the Scientific Studies Show and more importantly it continues to follow the same pattern after 7 years of use. It is my experience and personal opinion this product has a better track record than any other product I’ve tried "for my chronic inflammation" and Trivita’s Nopalea cactus juice does fall behind in comparison.

Another really good product I found was the WOW SUPPLEMENT noted for its pain relief once distributed by Health Enterprises. On Dec 5, 2012 the FDA showed up to notify them their flag ship product WOW had a harmful ingredient declaring it a drug and illegal to sell. No sir, this isn’t the WOW Colon Cleanse I’m taking about nor is it the WOW supplement known for male and female enhancement.

Best regards,


Product Introductory Video StemSE2

Product Introductory Video New Product StemSE3

What Makes this Stem Cell Nutrition so Predominately Impressive?

Scientific answers can be found as you view the research and compare other want to be stem cell nutritional products. Specific points or elements that I believe distinguish the effectiveness or the makeup of StemEnhance verses all other products derived from AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-aguae) might include the following: The concentration level of AFA "5 to 1" and the fact that it contains two proprietary components, Migratose and Mobilin meticulously blended to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

Scientific studies:

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