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Best Fuel Stabilizer and conditioner for fuel powered engines. PRI stabilizer restores and treats gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.

Difference between gasoline and diesel

To be brief, gasoline is a solvent while diesel is more like oil. Diesel fuel has sufficient lubricity to lubricate the fuel pump and the injectors. Swapping in some gasoline takes away this lubrication, leading to damage. Excessive oil in gasoline gums up components creates blue smoke and messes up spark plugs. Given that fuel viscosity is so different, Power Research Inc. devised a fuel conditioner for both categories.

PRI products come in two distinct blends. PRI-G is for Gasoline blends while PRI-D is available for Diesel and Kerosene.

Fuel Stabilizer Magical Ingredients

The best fuel stabilizer not only protects the fuel system, but it also improves fuel economy, restores engine power and increases engine durability. Most fuel treatments are sold cheap with many benefits.

The magical ingredients in most marine fuel stabilizers are hydro-treated paraffinic distillate and solvent naphtha. These two elements prevent ethanol in gas from turning crud a condition that clogs fuel lines.

If you plan on storing a boat, car or truck, heavy equipment, lawn mower or small engine during the winter season, it is highly recommended you use PRI-G or PRI-D FUEL STABILIZERS.

Why Best Fuel Stabilizer is so important?

Many motorized equipment owners that store their motors for a season forget about the leftover fuel. Any ethanol that is present in gas can turn to a crud mixture, which will get into the fuel system and cause issues.

Stabilizing fuel is an essential procedure that should be done before storing your lawn mower, weed eater, boat or any motorized equipment. Fuel Stabilizers not only stabilize fuel but stop resin build up, lubricate the engine, remove water and much more.

Using a high quality fuel treatment is recommended for treating aged fuels a protection against paraffin built up and ethanol damage.

As discussed earlier, most fuel stabilizers use a blend of paraffinic distillate and solvent naphtha, which produces a mixture that resists evaporation. The solution also lubricates the fuel system and ensures all carbon deposits are removed.

Miracle 2 of Utah is the best place to buy PRI Products such as fuel stabilizers and best restore fuel additives.

5 Best Fuel Stabilizers

Fuel Stabilizer Brand How long it lasts 32oz Treats
STA-BIL 360 2 Years 160 Gallons
PRI-G 3 Years 512 Gallons
Star Tron Enzyme 2 Years 512 Gallons
Sentry New Technology 2 Years 80 Gallons
Briggs & Stratton 3 Years 80 Gallons

STA-BIL 360 Marine Fuel Stabilizer

Sta-Bil 360 Marine stabilizer is a 5 to 1 formula that cleans the fuel system, maximizes fuel economy, prevents ethanol damage, improves engine power and removes water from tank.

Dissimilar to many other alternatives, this one is suited for boat engines and other related water based engines. Mostly because of a vapor technology that removes water from tanks and helps prevent corrosion damage.

It stabilizes fuel to ensure it is kept fresh when the boat is stored. Sta-Bil usage is recommended at every fill up, 1 ounce treats up to 5 gallons of fuel.

In general, it is one of the better marine fuel stabilizers you can buy and ideal for boats, jet skies and other water sports engines that are kept in storage during the winter.

PRI Boat Fuel Stabilizer

PRI-G fuel stabilizer can treat as much as 512 gallons of fuel with just 32 ounces of treatment. It is a super concentrated solution appropriate for all gasoline 2 and 4 stroke engines and works well to prevent damaging engine deposits and restore lost performance.

Even though PRI is comparable in price to Sentry an alternative, the impressive treatment of 512 gallons of fuel cannot be matched by any other fuel stabilizer. So in actuality, it calculates to be the cheapest best fuel stabilizer per gallon of fuel.

PRI-G is one of a few treatments that contain no alcohol. This is important because solutions that contain alcohol have a tendency to dissolve salt a corrosive substance that eventually passes through the fuel system. A common use for alcohol is more power. PRI products are designed for longevity and overall performance.

In a nut shell, PRI-G is the best alcohol free fuel stabilizer you can buy and calculates out to be the cheaper fuel treatment per gallon.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Star Tron is an Enzyme concentrated formula that can be used with all gasoline engines on an everyday basis or for seasonal storage. Star Tron claims its solution will stabilize fuel for up to 2 years and bring the old fuel back to life.

Further benefits of this marine fuel treatment are cleaning of the valves and injectors, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It is another popular method of curing and preventing ethanol fuel problems that many engines suffer from.

When using the Star Tron Fuel Stabilizer the recommended first dosage is 1 ounce per 8 gallons of fuel. When refilling less treatment is needed, use 1 ounce per 16 gallons of fuel.

Star Tron formula is one of the best ethanol fuel treatments available and between this and the Sta-Bil, there is not much to divide or split them apart.

Sentry New Technology Fuel Treatment

Sentry is not a particularly big brand in the boating industry but they produce reputable fuel treatments for an array of marine equipment. This SD formula treats gasoline engines and will eliminate water and also stabilize fuel.

This product is suitable for all grades of small outboard motors that are 2 or 4 stroke and will increase lubrication and clean the fuel injectors at the same time. A 32 ounce bottle will treat up to 80 gallons of fuel perfect for the marine environment.

The Sentury ethanol fuel treatment is an excellent all-rounder, but slightly more expensive as compared to Sta-Bil and Star Tron alternatives.

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Treatment

Briggs and Stratton fuel treatment tends to be the cheapest to buy but it only treats 80 gallons of fuel per 16 ounces. Yet, this is more than adequate for boat owners storing boats with small engines.

This treatment targets ethanol problems head on with triple anti-oxidant protection and corrosion inhibitors. In terms of stabilizing, it stabilizes fuel for up to 3 years.

This concentrated formula is highly recommended for gasoline engines for engine protection, easier starts and long term fuel stabilizing stated by the manufacturers.

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