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Liquid Manna – Authentic Manna Water – What is it?

Liquid Manna is essentially highly energized oxygenated natural spring water; nevertheless, created utilizing a proprietary oxygen enhancing process. LM originated from an inspired technology that allows spring water to be oxygenated and stabilized without actually opening the container.

Manna water is available in several oxygen booster strengths beginning with the weakest to the strongest: Purple, Red/Green Original now known as Royal, Regal, R+105 and Pearl Liquid Manna. The last three cited Manna waters have since become the most popular choices of oxygenated stabilized water.

RAD D-TOX – is known as Fred Neal’s Radiation Detox Neutralizing Remedy. Fred is the founder of Liquid Manna. Rad D Tox is notably a viable alternative for every day radiation exposure.

Manna Water Instructions, Usage and Testimonials

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