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Laundry Ball for Washer

Miracle II Therapeutic Laundry Ball – Miracle 2 Laundry Ball – Washer Ball No Detergent Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball – Crystal Clean Washer Ball use Less Detergent – Laundry Balls instead of Detergent

Laundry Balls do they Work? How to feel the energy of a Miracle II washer ball?

Twirl a Miracle II Laundry ball in the air and carefully catch it with the palm of your hand. When the washer ball lands in your hand notice something is spinning inside the ball. That movement is part of the energy transformation that admits negative ions to water. Therefore, the conversion of less surface tension allows water to penetrate clothing easier and clean it better.

Will bleach cause harm to a Miracle II Laundry Ball? No

If you want whiter clothes “really white” toss in a washer ball, and add about a cup of vinegar with an ounce of green Miracle Soap.

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