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What is the best kind of water to drink?

Most people say the best kind of water to drink comes from naturally filtered mineral rich water wells, natural springs and underground mineral rich water reservoirs. Unfortunately the best kind of water isn’t available for those who live in the city and drink from a chlorinated tap!

What is Hydrogen rich water?

Hydrogen-rich water is anti-oxidant water that contains high amounts of active hydrogen. Its active hydrogen oxidation reduction potential (ORP) offers remarkable health benefits. Molecular hydrogen is 88 times smaller than vitamin C. Due to its tiny size, it can cross blood-brain-barriers, effectively remove toxic ROS (free radicals), repair cells, eliminate inflammation, prevent cell mutation, anti-aging, prevent diseases and promote overall wellness and beauty benefits.

Ionized Water verses Hydrogen rich water?

Is there a difference? The actual truth is they both produce hydrogen rich water. Ionized water is hydrogenated water that is full of active hydrogen.

What is Hexagonal Water? Hexagonal water is a term used in marketing that claims to have an ability to create a certain configuration of water that is said to be better for the body.  “Hexagonal water” is a water cluster with a hexagonal shape said to enhance nutrient absorption, remove metabolic waste, and enhance cellular communication among others.

What is Structured Water? It is water formed in a vortex. It turns out water can store memory when in it is whirled in a circular motion. When water is structured properly the life force within the human body grows exponentially.

What is Distilled Water? Distilled water is water that is boiled into a steam and condensed back into a liquid in time separated into a different container. Distillation is a process where virtually all the minerals are removed from water.

What is Reverse Osmosis RO water? Reverse osmosis is most commonly known for its ability to purify drinking water. It’s a water purification process particularly good at removing salt from seawater and other effluent materials from water molecules.  Reverse osmosis also implicates diffusion, making the process reliant on pressure, flow rate, and other conditions.

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