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Gasoline Phase Separation and what is it!

Gasoline phase separation is a term used to describe what happens to water when fuel enters a storage tank. Its something that generally happens to E10 or E15 blends of ethanol fuel. In order for fuel separation to occur it takes three components: water, ethanol and gasoline. When ethanol and water reach their saturation levels ethanol attacks the water and spreads it throughout the tank causing water to be found almost everywhere.

When ethanol attaches itself to water molecules it leaves two distinct layers in the fuel tank, a gasoline only layer near the top and an ethanol water cocktail layer at the bottom. The gasoline only layer may lower the octane level and cause engine knock, whereas, the ethanol water layer may be the reason why the engine won’t run at all.

PRI and PRI-G independent laboratory tests show how to prevent phase separation in ethanol blended gasoline!

Test show PRI-G fuel additive easily solves gasoline phase separation and dilemma.


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