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2 Tier 60 Vial Retail Oil Display + Sample Rack (5 -15 ml) #205


Retail Display – Commercial Sample Rack #205

2 Tier 60 Bottle (5 -15 ml)

Approximate size: 15-5/8″ wide x 10-1/4″ deep x 4-7/16″ tall

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This sturdy retail commercial oil display is designed to store 5-15 ml bottles. Furthermore this 2 tier 60 vial retail oil display and sample rack has 10 essential oil bottle slots per level so you can position bottles neatly two levels high, 3 deep, 10 wide 60 total.

An additional 20 holes were carefully placed across the front for 5/8 dram sample vials; designed to give customers an opportunity to sample any selection of therapeutic oil.

This red oak table top display/sample rack is sealed with a natural hardwood finish.

Each bottle slot is approximately 1-5/32″ wide 3-1/2″ deep lined up 10 wide on 2 levels.

Retail display #205 may one day supersede to this essential oil bottle holder 212-RO-1oz-60/20.

Why do we not recommend roller bottles for sampling essential oils?

We believe the roll on applicator can spread germs from one place to another. Instead we recommend using a 5/8” dram with a dropper lid. Medium height 5/8” dram vials fit well in our retail display sample holes.  The most popular best way to sample essential oils may not always be the quickest way.  Roll on bottles have a tendency to contaminate oil inside the container and spread it to another person.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 17 in


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