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2X Neutralizer Gallon


2X Neutralizer – Extra Strength Neutralizer- 1 Gal

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2X Neutralizer Gallon – Extra Strength Neutralizer – 1 Gal

2X Neutralizer is a solution twice the strength of regular Miracle II Neutralizer.

In other words, Extra Strength 2x Miracle 2 Neutralizer has a higher concentration of organic minerals for stronger alkalinity and less acidity.

If you want to minimize the cost there’s a Neutralizer powder! The shipping weight is very little compared to a Gal of liquid Neutralizer. The price for powder is less and the mineral content is measurable so you have the flexibility to make whatever mixture or strength you want.

Will Miracle II Neutralizing Powder work as well as a premixed liquid Neutralizer? “YES,” Two packets of Neutralizer powder added to a gallon of spring water is the same strength as 2x premixed Neutralizer. With the convenience of Neutralizer powder, you can mix a little or a lot to fluctuate the strength. For a stronger solution just add more powder or use less water.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 in


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