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3 Tier 24 Vial Oil Display Riser #208


3 Tier 24 Vial Therapeutic Oil Display Riser

Approximate size: 11-7/8″ wide x 4-7/8″ deep x 2-9/16″ tall.

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Item #208 is a clever way to save space and display 24 vials of essential oils.

This 3T 24 wooden oil riser is made from solid red oak thereafter sealed with a natural hardwood finish.

For the DYI do it yourself people, upon request we can leave the wood raw if you want to stain it and put on your own finish.

This bottle holder has three levels of display to hold your choice of pure essential oils.

This bottle rack holds 24 oil vials less than 1-3/16” OD it is particular handy for (5 ml, 10 ml, and 15 ml) vials.

If 24 is your magic number we have another display that holds exactly 24 vials. 2 tier 24 hole oil display riser #206 is a few inches wider and not so tall. It has two steps instead of three and holds 12 bottles on each level.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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