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5T 37 Bottle Rack and Stand #203


5 Tier 37 Hole Bottle Rack – Essential Oil Vial Display

Approximate Size: 13-1/16″ wide x 8-7/16″ deep x 4-7/16″ tall.

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5T-37 Bottle Rack and Stand – Essential oil Organizing Tips and Hacks

Item #203 is a great way to put on view 37 essential oils. This essential oil organizing rack was built small enough to fit in a narrow space.

This 5T 37 wooden oil vial holder, bottle rack, vial display is for essential oils, home and laboratory storage. Its a nice table top size small enough to fit in a cupboard or a cabinet.

Item 203 holds 37 bottles with an outside diameter a tiny bit less than 1-3/16”. Holes are staggered to accommodate for a better view. This oil rack is perfect for 5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml vials as long as the OD is less than 1-3/16″

This oil bottle organizer is made of solid red oak afterwards sealed with a glossy natural hardwood finish.

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Essential Oil Organizing Tips – Clever Tips, Tricks and Hacks – How to Make My Essential Oils Collection more Meaningful – How to Organize Oils by Color and Type

Putting essential oils in Alphabetical order makes perfect sense as long as you can remember the first letter of each kind of oil.

Other ways to store essentials oils might be by type. Organizing by type makes it easier to find oils when you want Citrus, Floral, Pain Aids and Synergies.

A resourceful way to display essentials may be by its natural ability to do something successful. Grouped in a way, you know exactly where to reach a favorite blend of oil when you have an onset of back pain, neck pain, a headache or need something safe for the kids.

Normally it takes more than a well organized storage cabinet, a clever carrying case, a storage box or a wall shelf to activate the mind. A handy oil binder and journal make an easy access essential oil quick reference guide.

A check box cross reference system to grade your experience as you use each oil is helpful.  A grade for strength of aroma, application and effectiveness can be included.

When it comes to short trips and traveling a fanny pack or clear make up bag is a quick way to store a few vials of therapeutic oils.

Some people prefer wooden table top displays or boxes that hold small to medium oil bottles in different sizes.

A Kitchen drawer is among many creative ways to store essential oils. If this is your desire please call us. We can make an insert enabled platform to fit nearly any kitchen/dresser drawer.

Another great hack for organizing is done in colors. When colors enter the body as light, they have an effect on the brain, organs and tissues.  Different colors are able to relax and stimulate the body and mine.

The Color Red is for slow vibrate and longest wave length. It is known for its ability to raise blood pressure.

The color orange has an energizing effect that promotes confidence and well being.

Yellow is an energizing uplifting color that encourages positive inner power.

Green is the color that connects us to planet earth. Green is the color that leans us instinctively to balance and harmony, which explains the popularity for gardening.

Magenta is uplifting to the spirit and can help us stop feeling sad and frustrated about our lives.

Shades of Purple have been known to calm people with nervous mental imbalances.

Blue is a cool and calming color that inspires mental clarity and inner peace. Blue has shown to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system.

Turquoise is a vivid green color common to a tropical ocean.  It is invigorating and calming. Turquoise symbolizes truth and aids with communication on all levels.

Chakra fields and energy centers also have specific colors associated with them. Essential oils are furthermore associated with different colors and molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. The way how to organize essential oils by color is something people often search for. How to color code essential oils is better understand with an essential oil color chart.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 8 in


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