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AOK–909 Alkaline Water Ionizer


AOK 909 Hydrogen Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer naturally converts regular tap water into hydrogen rich alkaline ionized drinking water. This is an 8 stage non electronic portable water system that easily fits on a small counter top.

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AOK 909 Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer – Hydrogen Rich Water Maker

AOK-909 is an advanced 8 Stage filtration system designed to provide clean, pure, alkaline and ionized water. AOK mineral alkaline water ionizers convert regular tap water into alkaline ionized water through a system of layered filtration. The filtered water with alkaline and negative ORP can be use for drinking and cooking; it can effectively solve health risks that are caused by water pollution.

This is a revolutionary none electronic natural alkaline water ionizer. It is a smart alkaline water ionizer that is 100% natural, this product can easily purify the water, produce a good pH up to 9.6 and increase the ORP’s up to -350mv dependent upon the tap water conditions. Available AOK-909 replacement filters

Best under sink water ionizer hydrogen water generator.

AOK 909 follows EU& FDA Standards for water treatment; it is white in color with food grade ABS materials. It weighs approximately 4 lbs., almost 12 inches tall and its outside diameter is just over 5 inches.

AOK 909 Filter 8 Layers of Excellent Filtration

1st Layer 0.2 um precision ceramic filter

This is the bottom layer of the filter – it effectively removes debris, particles and pathogens.

2nd Layer Ion Exchange Resins

The Ion Exchange Resins help adjusts the calcium and magnesium content to soften water for better taste and avoid calculus.

The 3rd Layer KDF

(KDF) Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is a high quality copper-zinc formulation designed to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

The 4th Layer Activated Granular Carbon

For absorption of chlorine, odors and colors, improves taste and inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms.

The 5th Layer Anion Minerals

Promotes the beneficial microorganisms, produces regulatory factors and enhances the metabolism.

The 6th Layer FIR Energy Beads

Activates & breaks water molecules into smaller molecule clusters for optimal cell absorption. Adjusts body microcirculation, skin pore expansion, makes the skin better, increases the absorption of nutrition, detoxifies and increases metabolism.

The 7th Layer KDF+ Activated Granular Carbon

This layer is for further chlorine, odor and color absorption, improves the taste and inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms.

The 8th Layer Magnetic Stones

The small molecules of water pass through the strong magnetic magnetization thence they become more stable and the arrangement is more orderly with memory function.

AOK-909 Features

Silky-smooth water comes out filtered, sweet and tasty.

The pH range is 7+ to 9.5 (typically increases pH about 2 or more points).

Lowers the negative ORP, typically reduces Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv, giving it a strong and measureable antioxidant potential.

The abundance of activated hydrogen also helps eliminate active oxygen (free radicals).

The small water molecules create very absorbable water.

DE oxidation becomes visible when activated hydrogen bubbles are formed.
Contains silver ceramic and anti-bacterial balls.

Purifies tap water, removes bacteria, chlorine and other harmful substances.

The advantages of owning an AOK 909

1. A quick easy way to create high quality water for greater wellness.
2. 8 layers of filtering for excellent filtration.
3. Filter replacement made easy. The manufacturer recommends a 12-month usage based upon a consumption of 5-6 liters daily.
4. Natural process – No electricity needed.
5. The efficiency is excellent and the cost to operate is low.
6. Constructed materials are said to be nontoxic.
7. Its multi-functional ability is recommended for washing, cooking and drinking.
8. Proven over 30 years with thousands of users.
9. Installation made easy for home or work.
10. An abundance of negative ions and natural far infrared ionization makes the body more energetic, more dynamic, more alert and not easily tired.

Installation Tips

The installation of this water ionizer filtering unit was made easy so all you need to do is connect the water diverter valve (included in the package) to a faucet bib. This allows the user to control the water supply to the machine giving the user the ability to turn the water on and off as desired.

Installation: This machine can be connected to the water line in two different ways.

The 1st and most portable method is to install the inlet water line to the faucet bib at the sink utilizing the diverter valve provided in the package. The valve supplies water to the machine and allows the user to turn the water on and off as desired.

The 2nd method takes a little more effort, yet it is still pretty easy to drill a 1/4” hole through the counter and run the supply line under the sink. A T-Ball valve can be spliced into the cold water line underneath the sink. And another on/off water control ball valve needs to be installed in the line just before the machine so the water can be easily controlled there.

If you want the installation to be temporary use the 1st method and if you desire to have it more permanent use the 2nd method.

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Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 12 in


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