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AQUA-MIN Plant Based Minerals


Aqua-Min 4 oz – a powerful electrolyte comprised of ionic trace minerals and natural plant complexes including folic acid. Affiliate Health Club (AFH Club)

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AQUA-MIN Plant based liquid minerals

Dietary supplement 4 fl oz (118.3 ml) distributed by AFH Club

AQUA-MIN is a proprietary formula of natural trace minerals and electrolytes with trace amounts of vitamins and amino acids derived from plants.

AQUA-MIN is a folic mineral supplement derived from plants which consists of 70+ bio-available trace minerals along with natural plant complexes. These complexes contain traces of amino acids (that form proteins), traces of vitamins, and traces of enzymes that would have been in our fruits and vegetables had they been grown in mineral-rich soil. These natural plant complexes are the “building blocks” that plants use to create the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Since most of our food is grown in mineral-deficient soils our food can also be deficient in these complexes as well. These “building blocks” are also used by our cells for their various processes.

Mineral deficient plant problems usually lie in the foundation of the soil. Natural plant complexes are deficient in our food supply thanks to modern chemical farming methods. We have known since about 1936 that our soils are mineral-deficient and so is the food grown in this soil, therefore; we too lack minerals since we eat the food. The alternate solution has been supplementation by way of powdered rocks in tablets and capsules. But synthetic methods are not as efficient for our system as actual mineral-rich plants. So you see, there is a significant problem, if optimal health is your goal, you can’t bypass the plant.

So what is the key and solution to the problem? You see, the plant is a factory. How else can you explain getting a red tomato from a green plant? Plus, the tomato has seeds to make more plants. The nutrients that plants produce are in direct proportion to the mineral content of the soil. Therefore, the lower the mineral content, the lower the nutrient content and the amount of natural complexes in our food. An indicator of nutrient levels can be realized by the natural sugar levels (Brix readings). The higher mineral content leads to sweeter fruits and vegetables. Lower sugar means lower vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and natural complexes. Given that AQUAMIN contains these precious natural complexes, plus over 70 plus ionic trace minerals, it can help supplement a diet by providing these vital building blocks that are missing in our food.

AQUAMIN works best in non-chlorinated water. It can also be added to juice or any consumable liquid. Plus, it can be used topically.



Muscles and Joints

Energy Levels

Mineral Levels

Enzyme System

Free Radical

Do I put AQUA-MIN in water?

Yes, it improves the quality of any liquid, especially water. Add ¼ tsp per every 32 oz (1 liter of water) as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well before use. For best results, drink half the body weight in ounces of treated water daily.

Who can use it? AQUA-MIN is beneficial and safe for children age 4 and older, pets and plants.

What kind of water?

Use filtered or bottled water only. Do NOT add to unfiltered tap water. You may add it to any beverage. Refrigerating treated water is optional.

When should I take AQUA-MIN?

Since AQUA-MIN may improve digestion, it’s a good idea to take it with meals. AQUA-MIN may improve energy levels, so if you have trouble sleeping, avoid taking it just before bed

What about AQUA-MIN for Pets?

Add 1 to 2 droppers per quart.

Is AQUA-MIN good for plants?

Yes, it is good for all plants. Add 1 or 2 cap fulls per gallon. It is okay to use tap water when watering plants. For better results use along with AQUA-PH an alkalizing water enhancer.

Are there any side effects?

Since it is only trace amounts of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids, AQUA-MIN is very safe and virtually without side effects. However, rarely there can be detox effects as your body is being cleansed of toxins, such as a mild headache, or diarrhea.

What are some other uses of AQUA-MIN?

AQUA-MIN can be used topically as well as internally. It is great for helping all types of wounds. For best results use it “full strength” on any skin issue including: cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises, bumps, bug bites, insect stings, any sores, infections, and aches or pains. For rashes try a small area first. Swish it in the mouth for toothaches, abscesses, and sores. It is incredible for pets of all kinds. It is a miracle for plants, but don’t use it more than once every 10 days. It is very safe, so use your imagination.

Can I use AQUA-PH and AQUA-MIN together?

Yes, if you want to “kick it up a notch” try adding AQUA-PH alkalizing water enhancer to your AQUA-MIN water. This “Club Duo” is the “one-two punch” your body needs!

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