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Array for AOK-0508A Ion Cell Cleanse


Array for AOK Ion Cell Cleanse, AOK Hydrogen Spa Machine, Model AOK-0508A, Model 0508, Model AOK H0508A, AOK H0508A-2, Alim Rejuvenix and AOK ION Balance Detox Foot Spas.

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AOK Array is compatible with other look-a-like “Ion Cell Cleanse” machines. So, if you see “Ion Cell Cleanse” engraved across the control panel it is likely the same machine. Nonetheless, before you drift away compare your Array and machine with AOK Ion Cell Cleanse original device. By and large, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s apt to be a duck.

We know for sure “AOK, NOAH and MAYU” are one of the same because it’s often labeled that way on a “Ion Cell Cleanse” box. For newer trademarked “look-a-like” models it should be the original match.

Some trademarked foot bath Ionic balance machines do not have model numbers stamped on them. They either left it off or removed the tag intentionally to prevent someone from matching identical equipment. Nevertheless, MAYU, AOK Ion Cell Cleanse, AOK-0508A, Model 0508, AOK H0508A, H0508A-2, and AOK ION Balance machines use this Array and Wristband.

How long do Quality Ionic Arrays last?

AOK Arrays last about 40 uses and beyond that they may not be effective anymore. For hygienic purposes it is recommended to have one array per person.

How do you clean an Ion Cell Cleanse AOK Array and make it last?

  • After each session dip the AOK Array into a small basin of water and then lift it to let the water sweep out through the holes.
  • Repeat the 1st step until no discolorations come out of the array anymore.
  • Don’t forcibly shake, swing or twist the array when you clean or use it. It will reduce the chances of breaking the power wire and its connection.
  • When you clean the array avoid soaking for more than 5 minutes.
  • For multiple consecutive sessions its best to use two AOK Arrays so each one can be blow dried with a hair dryer prior to each session. This will prolong the Array’s lifespan.

How do you know if a foot bath foot spa session is doing its job?

When a person’s feet are in a foot bath, the body’s own toxins outweigh the toxins that are naturally in water. This is obvious when you see a thick substance form in the water and stick to the sides of the basin during a detox session.

Ion Cell Cleanse foot bath accessories

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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