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Dump Trailer for Rent – Hauling Services

The dumpster trailer rental business is an affordable junk hauling service. We provide heavy-duty dump trailers for roofing projects, remodels, estate clean-outs, yard waste, and junk removal. Hire a Man with a Truck or Rent a Dump Trailer to haul dirt and other debris!

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Dump Trailer for Rent – What is it?

Dump Trailer 4 Rent is a Utah County trailer rental company. DT4R is a dump trailer drop off/pick up hauling service for Mapleton, Springville, Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, Woodland Hills, Santaquin, Goshen, Provo, Orem, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Lehi, etc.

DT4R local dump trailer rentals are available for contractors and eligible customers. Rates vary according to days of use. We also offer a Hauling Service please call for price and availability.

This is how our dump trailer for hire or rent generally works!

We drop off a heavy-duty dump trailer at your home or job site.

You load it we haul and dump it.

We provide a flat-rate hauling service.

We also offer hauling service at an hourly rate if that is better for you.

We offer a service because your auto insurance does not cover rental collision nor do most trailer rental places.

We haul junk away so you never have to see it or walk around it again!

Our dump trailer for rent and or hire hauling service is perfect for odd jobs like these…

Home Remodels, Roofing Jobs, Shingles, Construction Materials, Garage Clean outs, Landscape Debris, Dirt, Topsoil, Gravel, Road Base, Mulch, Wood Chips, Green Waste, Yard Stuff, Estate Clean Outs, Eviction Clean Outs, Foreclosure Clean Outs and more.

Nutri Mulch Worth its Weight in Gold! We Haul 4 You!Nutri Mulch

Turkey Nutri-Mulch please call for an estimate.

Minimum Load 6.22 yards

Delivery charge depends upon where you live.

We haul Turkey Mulch to places like Moroni, Nephi and cites in between to Utah County.

Origin and specifics on the subject of Nutri-Mulch

Nutri-Mulch® is derived from the production of millions of turkeys in the Utah Sanpete Valley. Turkey Mulch comes from used turkey bedding essentially wood shavings and manure. It is collected and taken to a central processing facility.

This byproduct is placed in long windrows and moistened to an optimal level. The composting process begins as it reaches temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

This natural procedure is accomplished by regularly turning windrows to oxygenate the natural microorganisms critical to composting. The end result is weed-free compost with no harsh aroma and stellar growing properties.

Weed-free Turkey Nutri-Mulch is among the most advanced natural soil conditioners; enriched organic matter with nutrients for depleted soils, vegetable gardens, lawns, flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

Nutri-Mulch® Composition and Analysis:

  • Superior amendment of neutral pH containing soil-enriching nutrients.
  • Form of large organic molecules which remain bio-available in the soil for plant roots when needed.
  • Guaranteed to have an N:P:K ratio of 1:1:1
  • Contains many other micro-nutrients which greatly enhance plant growth and health.

Suggested Use

Garden and Plant Bed:

Apply 1-3 inches of Nutri Mulch till 6-9 inches. Proceed to plant as normal or add sod on the surface.

Tree & Shrub Planting:

Mix Nutri-Mulch at a 25-35% ratio with backfill soil to be placed around the roots.

Where top dressing is less recommended:

On flower beds and gardens since the wind blows fine particles and water causes them to float away. Instead, we recommend working it into the soil around plants and existing beds.

Where top dressing is recommended:

Spread Nutri-Mulch about a ¼” deep over existing sod and water well. The same procedure can be followed with thick foliage.

Benefits that exist when your plants are grown in soil-energized Nutri-Mulch.

  • Healthier yard, more robust fruits, and vegetables.
  • Decreases water usage
  • Bacteria in Nutri-Mulch break down organic material so roots can access available nutrients.
  • Compost adds soil structure, reducing the chance of erosion.
  • Compost-improved soil encourages beneficial insects by keeping soil well aerated.
  • Compost improves soil makeup encouraging healthy root structure.
  • Good nutrient-rich compost reduces the need for synthetic fertilizer.
  • Slow-release nutrients significantly reduce the need for chemical pesticides.
  • Five percent increase in organic matter quadruples the soil’s ability to hold water.

Why would Dump Trailer 4 Rent encourage a service instead of a rental trailer?

Renting a dump trailer creates enormous liability for both parties as lessee and leaser. The car’s liability insurance only protects you from the other guy when you are at fault, but it does not cover loss or damage to the trailer that is being towed. Most insurance companies refuse to insure trailers that are rented to random people. Insurance companies do provide insurance for businesses to operate their own equipment. They also provide insurance for the equipment they rent and use for their own business.

Having considered all this we offer a solution to minimize your risk of renting a ten-thousand-dollar dump trailer. This is precisely why we drop off a trailer, so you can fill it while we haul it. We do it as a means to protect you from an inopportune collision. What we offer saves you time, transportation, and money; in the end, this option relieves you of potential collision liability.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to give our customers the most professional reliable trailer dumpster service, as well as offer the most competitive rates. Dump trailer for rent offers a rental trailer and a hauling service for cities close to Springville UT, Mapleton UT, Spanish Fork Utah, Salem UT, Woodland Hills UT, Goshen UT, Payson UT, Santaquin UT, Provo UT, and Utah County. We are committed to being the best dump trailer for junk removal best dumpster rental alternative.

Dump trailer for hire junk hauling service. In our dump trailer rental business, we haul junk, topsoil, gravel, yard stuff, construction debris, roofing shingles and etc. Why not rent a dump trailer near me for less? Got junk? Rent a dump trailer load it we haul it. We offer this optional rent-a-trailer dumpster alternative for those that don’t have a truck!

Junk Pick Up Debris Hauling – Construction Waste Removal U Load we Haul it!  Yard Waste Removal You Load we haul it!

Our dump trailer 4 rent rental service is a very cost-effective way to move a large load of trash at a super affordable price. We charge a flat fee or offer an hourly service for hire. If you want to hire us to move something or haul something away for a few hours please call us at 801-358-6682 so we can make an offer.

Our 14K dump trailer will carry approximately 10,000 pounds of trash or miscellaneous material. We will drop off a trailer at your home, workplace, construction site, etc. You load it and we pick it up in a day or two or whatever. It’s as easy as that! Please don’t hesitate to call 801-358-6682 for price and available service.

Flat Fee Dump Trailer for Rent Service includes “Drop off, Pick up and Haul Away” We drop off – You Load – We Dump it. We are the dump trailer for hire and Junk hauling service. We haul Junk for Less. We provide the best dump trailer for junk removal and supply the best dumpster rental alternative.

Is this the kind of work you need to have done?

Affordable Trailer Dumpster Rental!

Hire a Man with a Dump Trailer!

Dumpster Trailer Rental Service!

Dumpster Rental Alternative!

Waste Junk Removal and Hauling!

Need Someone to Tear Down a Shed and Haul Away Junk!

Junk Pick-up Services Near Me!

Roofing Project Trailer Dumpster Needed!

Haul Away Service!

Best Dumper Trailer for Hauling Shingles.

Clean Out Services!

Haul Waste, Junk, Debris, and Building Materials to the Trash!

Clean up Construction Debris Remove Wood, Drywall, and Miscellaneous Trash!

Load and Haul Away Assorted Junk Inside Garage or House!

Yard Waste Removal!

Pruning and Trimming, Haul Away Yard Clippings!

Demolition Haul Away Debris!

One Time Yard Clean up!

Waste Removal Home Renovation and Improvement Projects!

Someone to Haul Away Junk!

Junk Pick up Haul Away My Junk!

Trash Haul Away Remove My Junk!

Home Junk Removal Services!

Free Junk Haul Away Near Me!

Why do we offer a HAULING SERVICE?

To begin with, most people have no towing experience so insurance companies do not like to offer rental insurance. Towing 14,000 lbs with a 1/2 ton light duty truck with no 4-wheel drive might get you stranded. Some people think any ball mount with a 2 5/16” hitch ball will pull a trailer regardless of gross towing weight. I almost fell for that before I searched the most recognized stores for a 15,000 lb 2-inch ball mount with a 2 5/16 ball. As you would expect I started thinking the extra strength was over-exaggerated because most everything sold in the stores was rated at or below 6000 lbs.

Finally, I visited a Home Depot and then called Cal-Ranch in Spanish Fork to see if they had what they were advertising online. Since they did not have one I took their part number and searched for it online. With little effort, I found a 17,000 lb draw-bar and a 15,000 lb 2 5/16 hitch ball all in the same deal for less than a single ball mount. This is the one I purchased online: Curt Loaded Forged Ball Mount w/2-5/16 Ball 2” Shank 15000 lbs. 4-inch drop. Item# 383005040225

Trailers we rent require a brake controller, a heavy-duty ball mount, and a 2 5/16” ball rated to tow at least 14,000 pounds. Sadly some smaller trucks are not designed to pull that much weight. Naturally, that’s why we offer a hauling service for your convenience and safety.

DT4R is a local dump trailer rental service in Utah County. Mapleton City is next to Springville and Spanish Fork UT. Why buy a dump trailer when you can rent or hire one close to home 4 less?


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