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EOS DNA Water Ionizer


EOS DNA Water Ionizer **CALL US to get the Absolute Best Water Ionizer PRICE**
* Outfitted with the most advanced SMPS electrical system
* 16 stage dual filter system
* Most advanced patented titanium slotted plates
* Large touch screen with an operating manual programmed into it
* Language, time, pH, and ORP with customizable function
* Micom system to intelligently adjust the ionization of your tap water
* Super powerful water ionization feature

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EOS DNA Water Ionizer easily tops the most advanced counter top water ionizer ever made.  EOS state of the art DNA technology produces the highest quality ionized water. It is “water ionization to perfection” redesigned with an intelligent automated ionization, more power, better filtration and more antioxidants.

EOS DNA Touch Screen Operation


EOS DNA 1st Ionizer to Operate Like a Smartphone

One touch screen selection to pick alkaline or acidic water, control the pH and ORP levels, set the clock, read the manual, read tips about healthy living, and scroll through useful tips for operating the EOS DNA Water Ionizer.

And you can also access the advanced mode section to make changes to ionization, filter life warning, speaker volume and more; making the EOS DNA water ionizer customizable to just the way you want.


EOS DNA Mode 2

Customizable LCD screen, brightness, volume, time and more!

Customize the Language, Read the Manual, or Read Healthy Living tips!

10 Available Preset Ionization Levels

The EOS DNA Water Ionizer is capable of 76 alkaline pH levels and literally hundreds of pH and ORP combinations. For ease and convenience the ten most useful settings have been preset and made available for easy access.

Below are the most popular TEN preset levels and why they are so useful!

Alkaline Water Level 1


Level 1 is perfect for making baby formula and sensitive stomachs. This is about the same pH as milk. And it’s a great first level for those who are new to ionized water.

Alkaline Water Level 2

EOS DNA Alkaline 2

Level two is stronger alkaline water with a 9.0 pH; it is the second programmed step for those new to ionized water. It is best to start drinking level one for about a week, then level two for about a week and after that drink level three. It’s smart to advance slowly because alkaline ionized water is a powerful antioxidant that can detoxify the body.

Alkaline Water Level 3


Level three 9.5 pH with a -330 ORP is the ideal drinking water, fashioned after the world famous water in Lourdes, France and longevity springs worldwide.

Just as it is with the sun’s naturally ionized spring water, EOS DNA uses the same kind of water electrolysis to create high quality drinking water.

Statistically, people who drink from longevity springs, typically are much healthier than the general public. Many people believe the magic is in the water.

Alkaline Water Level 4

EOS DNA Akaline 4

Alkaline 4 is perfect for making coffee and tea. Tea and coffee are naturally acidic and brewing them with a 10 pH will neutralize the acid and make it slightly alkaline. The beverage will taste and feel much smoother and your teeth will appreciate not being stained from the acid. This is also a great level for making rice and cooking stews.

Alkaline Water Level 5


Level five 10.5 pH is recommended for cooking meat. High alkalinity will neutralize fat and acid in your meat, leaving only the natural flavors, and making your meal absolutely delicious!

Alkaline Water Level 6


Level 6 is the best cleaning alkaline water. Use an 11 pH or higher to neutralize oil based stains on your dishes, counter tops, and even your carpet. This pH level gets things much cleaner than soap alone. Also, soak your produce in this water to remove oil-based pesticides.

Acidic Water Level 1


Acidic Level 1 water is best used for bathing an infant or washing sensitive skin.

Acidic Water Level 2


Acidic Level 2 is actually considered beauty water in Japan. They call it beauty water because it cleans and tightens the skin without the use of harsh chemicals. People put the 5.5 pH water in a spray bottle and squirt the face a couple times a day, preferably day and night. It neutralizes oil and gently removes dirt while it naturally tightens the skin.

Acidic Water Level 3

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