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Intrepid Water Bottle 750ML with 2.5″ Filter


Intrepid water bottle with RapidPure Pioneer water filter.  Item# 750-WBIF-2.5 Excellent Water filter bottle for camping. Nice water bottle with filter for travel. Ultralight water purifier bottle for backpacking. Good water bottle for traveling abroad.

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Intrepid Water Bottle 750ml

The Rapid Pure Intrepid Sport Water Bottle has a UltraCeram filter that removes and reduces cryptosporidium, giardia, cysts, bacteria and viruses without chemicals. Intrepid connector system grabs the straw from the exterior for reliable water flow. Intrepid Water Bottle pre-filter wrap is washable so you can rinse off and remove large sediment build-up and extend the life of the sub-micron filter.

RapidPure’s new filter purifier technology outperforms all other recreational water filters. Third party independent testing shows bacteria and virus reduction at 99.9999% and cyst removal at 99.998% at just 2 psi, from just 4.5 feet of elevation.

Intrepid Water Bottle Features:

  • Holds 750 ml or 25.360517 ounces of water
  • Ergonomic design and easy to hold
  • Soft non-slip, non-scratch base
  • BPA free material and fits car cup holder
  • Protective flip-top cover
  • Dish washer safe bottle size is approximately 2” x 9”

This RapidPure Intrepid water bottle with Pioneer Straw system is a perfect travel companion for weekend hikes, annual hunting, fishing, camping and backpacking trips.

RapidPure Inc deliberately manufactured different types of water filters so that the end user could select the best combination for a particular application.

Rapid Pure UltraCeram is the best lightweight water filter for emergency preparedness and disaster water purification.  Water purification products

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in


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