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Ionpolis S Ion Water Mister


Ionpolis S Sterilizing Water System takes 40 seconds to make a Natural Ion Water Mist

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Ionpolis S portable sterilizer hydrogen ion mist is a sterilization device that utilizes hydrogen water mist to sterilize various kinds of bacteria.

Ionpolis S is an environmentally friendly sterilization device that can easily be used anytime anywhere. When tap water and mineral water is used it is harmless to the human body. It sterilizes 99.99% of a variety of bacteria.

Ionpolis S Natural Ion Water Mister can be used semi-permanently by using platinum titanium electrode plates.

Ionpolis S electrolyzes water to generate Hydroxyl Ion.  Hydroxyl Ion combines with Hydroxyl Cat Ion that is a component of cell membranes in bacteria. It destroys cell membranes to kill bacteria and then returns to water again. Ionpolis S sterilizes 99.99% of bacteria that cause various diseases in the human body such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pneumococcus, and E. Coli.

Ionpolis S electrolyzes general water molecular clusters of 120 ~ 250Hz to make clusters of 50 to 60 Hz. It penetrates into pores to sterilize bacteria that cause skin problems and removes impurities.

It provides oxygen and hydrogen to remove callus and sebum. Thanks to hydrogen effects it is helpful for acne, atrophy and skin troubles.

How to use hydrogen spray mist!

Some people find it helpful to spray Face, Hands, Feet, Toothbrush, Goggles, and Household Goods etc. It can be used in any place where cleanliness is necessary.

Manage foot health and cleanliness

Remove germs from work space

Sterilize a car filled with various germs

Remove various fruit and vegetable pesticides

Body Care after cleanse dry feeling skin

For a comfortable sleep

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