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KI03 Potassium Iodate – 10 Pack 170mg Tablet, 60 Tablets


Due to the current situation with Russia and Ukraine we’ve run out of this product many times. If for some reason our quantities show zero please send us an e-mail and we’ll contact you when we have more.

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KI03 Potassium Iodate 10 Pack

(Expire Date 12/2031)

If there is a “nuclear event” you need to take KIO3 or KI before the radioactive plume reaches you. If you do not have KI03 or KI on hand at the time of the event, then it’s more than likely too late to take a thyroid blocker. If you’re not prepared your only choice will be to wait and hope authorities reach you prior to a fallout condition.

Medical Corp KIO3 Potassium Iodate is FDA-approved, while a number of studies link KI with cancer.

Clinical Reports and Other Evidence Detailing the Benefits of KIO3 and the Dangers of Potassium Iodide

KIO3 Found Effective, with Superior Shelf-Life

Study #1 KI – potassium iodide – as a cancer-causing agent
Study #2 KI – potassium iodide – as a cancer-causing agent
Study #3 KI – potassium iodide – as a cancer-causing agent

KI03 protects the thyroid

Radioactive Iodine [I-131] can destroy the thyroid of humans and animals. Even small amounts of I-131 can cause cancer of the thyroid. By taking KI03, the thyroid becomes saturated with “good iodine” the good iodine helps reduce the absorption of “bad iodine” I-131. Yes, animals or pets can take KI03.

RAD D-TOX Radiation Detox

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