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The Last Days Timeline – Volume 2



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The Last Days Timeline Volume 2

Volume #2 The Last Days Timeline Series “The Prophecy of The Tame and Wild Olive Trees”

– by James T. Prout

  • This the 2nd part of the series is all about the detailed prophecy in Jacob Chapter 5 as it was first put to pen by Zenos. And recorded in the Book of Mormon by Jacob the brother of Nephi.

What happens when fictional stories become real?

Many believe that The Tame and Wild Olive Trees Prophecy by Zenos is only a fictional allegory a parable that has meaning with man’s relationship to God and nothing else.

James T. Prout discovered there is much more to Jacob chapter 5 than meets the eye.

When the internal definitions of the prophecy are realized, the whole history of this earth opens to your astonishment. And most importantly…the future of the nations can be gleaned.

The “Last Days” Timeline – Volume 2 Contains:

  • How to identify the difference between the Unbelieving Gentiles /VS/ the Believing Gentiles.
  • What the grand stumbling block of the Gentiles is in real life.
  • The history of The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, while they were lost.
  • The precise moment of the coming forth of Jews and Gentiles to be grafted in to the mother tree.
  • The discovery of other prophets who ALSO read Zenos’ Prophecy of The Tame and Wild Olive Trees. (It’s not just in the Book of Mormon)
  • Expertly crafted images to bring the prophecy to life!
  • And much more…

Book of Mormon

The Last Days TimeLine Volume 2

The Last Days Timeline Volume 1

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