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Miracle 2 Pack 5 + Free Dispenser Kit



Miracle Two Soap dispenser kit for home, travel  bag or toiletry kit.

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Miracle 2 Pack 5 + Free Dispenser Kit – 5 Miracle II Products + Free Product Dispensing Bottles

Miracle II 5 Pack + Free Dispenser Kit

Itemized Product List…
1) RS-22 oz Regular Soap
1) MS-22 oz Moisturizing Soap
1) N-22 oz Neutralizer
1) NG-8 oz Miracle II Gel
1) ML-8 oz Moisturizing Lotion
3) 2 oz Clear plastic bottles – one w/Snap Top Lid and two w/Disc-Top Lids
2) 1/4 oz Lip Gloss Containers w/Lids
3) 8 oz Bullet Bottles w/Lotion Pumps
1) 8 oz Bullet Bottle w/Spray Top

Miracle II Green Soap Dispenser Hygiene Kit

Why would anybody want a Miracle II Hygiene Dispenser Kit?

See Miracle II Product Usage Instructions:

With an eye toward travel, a personal hygiene kit is very handy if not essential. This dispenser kit includes (three) 2 oz clear plastic bottles with lids.  We recommend the disc top lids for Miracle Soap and the snap top lid for Neutralizer Liquid.

The two 1/4 oz lip gloss containers are there for small amounts of Neutralizer Gel and Moisturizing Lotion. These Lip gloss containers are a good thing to have in a women’s purse or a travel bag.

In addition, an 8 oz bullet bottle with lotion pump works well for dispensing Miracle Soap at a sink, shower, or bathtub. Whereas the spray top lid is good for liquid Neutralizer or well-diluted soap. Therefore, the 8 oz bullet bottles work best at home while the smaller containers fit well in a travel bag or travel-size toiletry kit.

Miscellaneous Bottles, Lids, Containers, and Pumps

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in


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