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Miracle Soap 2 Pack


Two Miracle Soap 22 oz, One 2 oz travel bottle, and one Snap Top Lid for Miracle 2 twenty-two ounce bottles.

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Miracle Soap 2 Pack includes two bottles of regular Miracle II Soap, 1 Snap Top Lid, and a 2 oz clear bottle with a disc top lid.

Miracle 2 Soap is an all-in-one natural body soap, shampoo, household cleaning agent, degreaser, laundry detergent, and deodorizer. Miracle 2 Soap is an all-purpose chemical-free soap that gently cleans everything including anew born baby, a dog, a cat, etc.

None of the original Miracle II green soaps contain animal fats, synthetic detergents, additives, or harsh chemicals. The entire product practically comes from the natural dust of the earth, without the drawback of harsh ingredients or detergents. Miracle Soap 2 is a highly concentrated liquid, environmentally safe biodegradable soap.

For multiple cleaning uses this Miracle Soap 2 pack can be used at full strength or diluted to create natural cleaning solutions for heavy, medium, or light-duty cleaning.

The snap top lid found in the middle of the picture is an alternative way to control the flow of a 22 oz Miracle Soap. We recommend switching the lids so you don’t waste as much soap.

The 2 oz plastic bottle with a disk top lid is there for your personal hygiene travel bag it is a great way to carry a small amount of soap for a short trip.

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