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Portable Solar Generator SG-ISS-500Z-D


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Portable Solar Generator SG-ISS-500Z-D Power Box

Power Box off grid solar camping battery box, portable diy power pack.  Solar battery box for off grid solar system.

500 W Solar Generator – LED Light Kit – 18V 100 W Folding Solar Panel – SCP12350 IT 12V 35AH Vision SLA Lead Acid Battery

6-FM-33 (12V 33AH) or BW 12350 INT Lead Acid Battery can also be used with this Portable Solar Generator.

This AC DC solar system will run most important appliances rated up to 500 watts & 10 amps. Two 50 watt combined 100W fold-able panels reduce the charge time to less than 3 hours in full sunlight. Its silent non-toxic design allows for safe operation inside a building or in a home. Above and beyond an AC 110 outlet there are (3) 12V DC outlets that can be used to operate DC accessories such as LED lights and fans.

Portable Solar Generator a power supply for boats, cabins and off grid living.

LED Status Indicator Lights

Portable Solar Generator

Battery Power Display
AC Output Switch AC Output Receptacle
USB DC Output ( 5V 1.5A)
12VDC Output  Plugins 3


Solar Generator Back

Power Switch
(PV in) Solar panel MC4 Connectors 12V DC Terminals for External battery

or 110V charging adapter


500 W Portable Solar Generator (two 50W panels) combined 100W

Folding Panel Product Description

  1. System structure, safe, reliable and portable.
  2. Internal charge controller, inverter and battery.
  3. Internal modular design – pull and plug type connectors.
  4. LED indicator lights with long service period and easy to understand.
  5. Direct output of AC and DC for family basic electricity demands.
  6. AC 12V charger is available as a backup charging method in case you prefer not to use the solar panels. (Electric 12V output charger is sold as an accessory to charge internal 12V 22Ah ~33Ah battery.)
  7. If more electricity is needed than the equipped battery can provide an equivalent 12V battery can be connected to the terminals provided at the back of the power system generator.
  8. The product can be used in a car to provide additional power supply as well as charge the cars battery (with the help of accessory car charging wires).
  9. Independent switch is equipped with AC output and a system Main Switch is also provided for user convenience.
  10. (Two 18V 50 watt panels) 100w Folding Solar panel is supplied along with bracket system for better installation, storage and easy carry.
  11. Battery capacity indicator enables the user to view the remaining power and charge condition.
  12. This solar generator has perfect intelligent protection system to avoid over charge, over discharge, short circuit, overload, high temperature or under voltage.
  13. Our portable solar powered generator system provides lasting clean electricity for electric tools, lighting, mobile, pc devices, fans and so on in conditions of camping, travel, disaster relief, power shortage areas, grazing and islanders.
Technical Parameters and System Specification – Model SGS-ISS-500Z-D
Rated Output Power 500W
Solar panel power 18V 100WP (2×50WP) foldable with stand
Solar charge controller 12V 10A
Solar inverter 500W
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Solar charging time 2.8 hours (effective sunlight)
Battery capacity 6-FM-33 12V 33Ah lead acid
AC Output 110V 60Hz
AC Output Socket Universal
DC Output 5V(1.5A) USB \ 3×12V DC output
Peak inverter efficiency 92%
Overload Protection Yes
Under-voltage Alarm Yes
Overheat Protection Yes
Short-circuit Protection Yes
Battery Power Indicator Yes
External Battery Yes (12V ) Must be same capacity as the inside battery
Certificate CE & RoHS
System Dimensions
Box(inches/mm) L 14.764” x W 5.906” x H 12.60” L375×W150×H320
Net Weight of System(lbs/kg) Box(kg): 35.05 lbs/15.9 lbs

(12.79 lbs/5.8kg without battery)

Appearance Color Green
Dimensions of Solar Panel (Inches/mm) L25.20” x W21.26” x H1.18” L640×W540×H30×2
Net Weight of Solar Panel (lbs/kg) 9.92 lbs / 4.5 kg×2
Dimensions of Battery (Inches/mm)

Battery Type and Crossover Options

L 7.67” x L 5.12” x H 6.10” (Total H 7.087”)195×W130×H155 (Total H180)

BW 12350 INT, SCP12350 IT, BW 12350 INT 12V 35AH Vision SLA Battery(crossover for 6FM33 12V 33Ah(20hr)

Net Weight of Battery (lbs/kg) 23.15 lbs / 10.5 kg
Solar Generator Accessories (Sold Separate)
Connecting wire used to connect with external batteries A type
Connecting wire used to connect with external battery B type
AC charger used to charge the battery from AC power grid DC 12V to AC 110V
Photo-voltaic connector used to connect with solar panel MC4 type
LED bulb set for home light or camping 3W/5W 16.4 ft/5m and 32.81 ft/10m cables
USB cable used to connect 5VDC appliances for charging Multipurpose
Solar panel protection bag

Outback Camping Pal500 100w Solar Power System Warranty

Solar System Warranty for SG-ISS-500Z-D

  1. Power Box Solar Generator 1 year from date of purchase.
  2. Battery 6 month from date of purchase.
  3. Solar Panel 1 year – module repair included.
  4. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or something that has been “damaged” accidentally or due to abuse, inclement weather, alteration, improper installation or application, unauthorized service or modification, careless storage, transportation, on the grid power surges, natural disasters or other events outside seller’s control.

All shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the end user although some exceptions may apply.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 28 in


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