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PRI-G 8 oz 12 Pack


PRI-G 8 oz 12 Pack – Best choice for treating 20 gallons or less


PRI-G 8 oz size treats 20 gallons of fuel

What is the best additive for ethanol gas – gasoline?

Is it PRI-G or PRI G fuel treatment? Is it Stabil fuel additive? Is it Lucas fuel treatment? or Is it sta-bil fuel conditioner? Power Research tests show PRI to be the most concentrated best fuel conditioner and gas treatment stablizer.

What is stabilizer? A fuel stabilizer is something you add to fuel to resistant change and maintain stability. We define fuel stabilizer by calling it a preservative that keeps fuel fresh.

For frequent use and larger storage tanks use PRI Fuel Treatment in larger containers.

For PRI G product description go here.

For PRI-G 8 oz dosage and description go here.



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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6 in


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