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Regal Manna


Regal Manna Liquid Oxygen Enhanced Water 16.9 fl. oz.

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Regal Manna contains ten times more oxygen than the once popular Royal Manna.

One bottle of concentrated Regal Manna makes 32 gallons of oxygenated Liquid Manna™ water.

What is distinctly different about Liquid Manna verses other products?

The main difference is the results you get from an energy verses a chemical process. LM is energized to have a stable oxygen level no matter the temperature or time of exposure.

Manna water description and product details.

How is the average Liquid oxygen supplement made?

Products that claim to add extra oxygen to the human body likely go through a chemical process.  Among ingredients sometimes listed by makers are magnesium peroxide, or “deionized water and sodium chloride [salt]”.

Regal Manna is natural spring water without chemical stabilizers or oxygen additives. Liquid Manna uses a proprietary energetic process to enhance and stabilize oxygen. The procedure is done without opening a bottle or physically touching water.

Is homemade oxygen water the same thing as Liquid Manna Water?  No

How to make oxygen water at home!

Hydrogen rich water machines


Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
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