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Sock Lock Doubles and Singles 24 Sheets (4 sheets in 6 colors)


Sock Locks – Singles and Doubles – 24 Sheets (6 Colors 4 of ea.)
4-Blue, 4-Red, 4-White, 4-Orange, 4-Lime Green, 4-Light Pink

24 sheets have 96 singles and 24 doubles.

This is a great starter pack for a small family.

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Sock Clips keep socks sorted, organized and locked together!!

No more lost socks!

A sock without a mate can be the thing of the past if you use sock retaining rings. These durable sock holders can be washed with chlorine bleach and safely cycled in a dryer.

Laundry sock clip organizers have become a favorite in our home; wherefore, they save the laundry lady oodles of time, precious money and alleviate the frustration of lost socks.

We find the best time to clip socks together with a sock loc is when you take them off, just before you toss them in the hamper. This way, when the washing is done and the clothes are dried the sorting becomes easy. After the socks are cleaned simply toss a pair of pre-locked socks into a dresser drawer for future use.

When each pair of (pre) locked socks are pulled from a drawer the sock clip rings can be removed and converted over to the dirty pair, to be readied for the next batch of laundry.

These sock keepers make a great gift in that they are surely unique and appreciated. Socks Locking Rings are great for cotton socks, wool socks, nylon socks, polyester socks, acrylic socks, polypropylene socks, spandex socks, olefin socks and sock blends like, polyamide, Teflon, profilen, gore-tex, Kevlar, and x-static materials.

The advantage of using our “Sock Locking Rings”:

“No More Missing Socks!”

Our soft flexible sock locks work successfully over and over again.

“Sock Locks” solve sock sorting and missing sock problems each time the laundry is done.

Sock keepers can separate similar colors and keep the right socks together.

Each household member can have his own color to make laundry sorting a breeze.

Fewer lost socks – save money and time.

When should I use a double Sock Locking Ring in place of a Single Sock Lock?

The double Sock Locking Rings are recommended for thicker socks and the singles are ideal for the socks made of thinner material.

Why are | Sock Locks | Sock Sorters | Sock Locking Rings | better?

Our sock clips keep socks together like it says. They fit firmly around the fabric of the sock, padding it so the ring itself doesn’t bang around in the washer or dryer. The four securing tabs in the center of our sock ring is designed to make the installation and removal easier without compromising the integrity of the locking mechanism in comparison to those having 5 or more center tabs.

Our sock sorting, sock organizing rings are made of durable plastic. They are a perfect gift for a busy mom a new mother or really anyone who is troubled by lost, mismatched socks!

How do Sock Locks keep sagging socks from falling down!

Pull your socks up; force cuff of sock through a sock ring and cinch it down to where it is comfortable. If you wear long pants or tall boots no one will ever see the sock lock. This method works better with thicker socks and not as good with dress socks.

If you think that was tacky go to a sewing supply outfit and pick up a piece of stretchy elastic and tie the ends together. Then pull the elastic up the leg near the neck of the sock and roll the cuff down over it.  If you don’t mind the feel of a bungee cord; try wearing shirt stays, sock garters or suspenders to hold your socks up.

Did you come to this website to lessen expressions like these?

How do I care for socks?

How do I avoid losing socks in the laundry?

How do I organize socks so I don’t lose them?

How do I avoid losing socks in the washing machine?

How do I keep socks together in the washer?

How do I organize socks for a large family?

How to I store stocks?

Why would we call the laundry solution “Sock Locks”?

It is the brand name that single handed describes all other nick names: sock sorters, sock holders, sock locking rings, sock clips, sock organizers, sock-locks, loc-a-soc, sok-a-lok and more.


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Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in


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