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The President Makers (Illustrated Paperback 2014)


The President Makers (Illustrated Paperback) 246 pages

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The President Makers authored by Don Fotheringham

How Billionaires Control the U.S. and Foreign Policy

What makes The President Makers book so interesting?

It clarifies how Billionaires control the USA and Foreign Policy.

This is the exact history of the United States, a formation of Ezra’s Eagle, during “Pre-Feather Flying Period”.

Provides Proof how the 3 Eagle Heads Gained Control Over the White house.

The Relationship between Controlled News Networks and the Powers that Be.

Tells what has happened since the News Networks were First Purchased to Control American Politics.

A list of infiltrators that have been in each Presidential Cabinet Since 1929.

How The President Makers relates to the LAST DAYS TIMELINE!

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