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Wrist Strap AOK-0508A Model 0508


Wrist Strap – Wristband for AOK-0508A, Model 0508, AOK Ion Cell Cleanse, Ionic Cell Cleanse and AOK ION Balance Detox Cleanse Foot Massage.

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Wrist Strap AOK 508 Ion Cell Cleanse Series

Ion Cell Cleanse Accessories – Wrist strap and Arrays

Why use a Wrist Strap/Wristband?

The Wrist Strap – Wristband promotes the circulation of negative ions throughout the body while having an ion cell cleanse detox session. It is also, a safety measure against electrocution and helps alleviate the tickling sensation of the feet; while you’re in a foot spa.

AOK Wrist Strap is also compatible with other look-a-like “Ion Cell Cleanse” machines. So, if you see “Ion Cell Cleanse” engraved on the face plate of the machine; more likely than not the Wrist Strap is the same. Nonetheless, before you drift away compare your device with AOK Ion Cell Cleanse. By and large, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s apt to be the same Wrist Strap you’re looking for.

We know for sure “AOK, NOAH and MAYU” are one of the same. Because we see it written on the “Ion Cell Cleanse” box. For trade named “look-a-like” models it should be the original match.

Some trademark footbath Ionic balance machines do not have model numbers stamped on the back. They either left it off or removed the tag to prevent cross referencing. Nevertheless, MAYU, AOK Ion Cell Cleanse, AOK-0508A, Model 0508, AOK H0508A, H0508A-2, and AOK ION Balance machines use the same Array and Wristband.

How long do Wrist Straps and Arrays last?

Both last to a certain extent; especially when you take good care of them. Wrist Straps tend to stretch and lose contract over time, so it’s a great idea to have a spare.

Arrays last about 40 sessions, beyond that they may not be very useful. For hygiene purposes it is best to have one array per person.

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