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Mineral Neutralizer – Miracle II Liquid Neutralizer

Miracle 2 Neutralizer nevertheless is pH miracle water, fortified with rich minerals. Mineral Neutralizer is in essence a complex mixture of eloptic energized mineral water.

Neutralizer liquid versus Neutralizer gel?

The main difference is the gelling agent, one stick’s to the skin while the other runs off. Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid comes in three different strengths while the Miracle II Gel has only two.

Both Miracle Gel and Liquid Miracle II Neutralizers have a high alkaline pH, a mineral solution that allows for faster cellular absorption.

Some companies use a powerful combination of mineral “electrolytes” to increase high alkalinity whereas plant-derived mineral mixes hold pH longer.

X-treme pH sports water can be made by simply adding a small amount of mineral-rich Miracle II Neutralizer to a bottle of water.

Some people use Pearl Liquid Manna which is an extremely oxygenated Manna Water to increase oxygen levels.

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