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H2O ResQ – Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit


H2O ResQ Water Storage Additive – Water Storage Preservative – Water Storage Chemical – Water Storage Drops – Domestic Water Treatment Product

We have a supply of these H20 RESQ water treatment kits, but we are out of its display box. If you are willing to take it without please send an email or call us.

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H20 ResQEmergency Water Storage Treatment Kit (3 Part)

3 Part H2O ResQ Water Treatment Kit Includes:

  • 1) 2 ounce copper/silver ion solution – treats 330 gallons
  • 1) 5 ml ion test reagent – good for about 40 tests
  • 1) 12 calcium hypochlorite tablets – treats 660 gallons
  • 1) Instruction Pamphlet

H20 ResQ water treatment is a scientific breakthrough for controlling biofilm-related bacteria. Therefore, it is a highly effective long-term solution for maintaining, clean, pure, fresh tasting water.

What if …

  • You NEVER had to rotate your water supply?
  • You could safely and quickly test your water with one little vial?
  • You could treat up to 300 gallons of water for up to 5 years for less than $43?

It’s all possible using this compact, patented H2O ResQ Emergency Water Treatment Kit.

We would like to enlighten you about something we are all very familiar with, Water. As you may know, the human body can typically survive without water for approximately 3 days, besides using water for cooking, and personal hygiene purposes. More important is having Clean Drinkable Water!water storage treatment

We would like to introduce you to a Revolutionary, New- patented product from Water Pure Technologies, the product is H2OResQ. It is used to treat the water you drink and store.

This is our H2OResQ Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit. It contains three different components that make taking care of your water easy and economical.
Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

The first bottle contains calcium hypochlorite tablets, which is recommended for Emergency situations. This product alone can treat 660 gallons of water, whether in a jug, a barrel, or a large storage tank. Unlike illustrated in the video above we sell 3 part water treatment with calcium hypochlorite tablets and not Sodium Hypochlorite.

The second H2OResQ bottle contains a solution of Copper & Silver Ions, and this one bottle can treat up to 330 gallons. Copper is also essential to the Human body for optimum health.

Either product can be used independently of one another, treats up to 660 gallons. If they are used at the same time, they work synergistically together to combat many problems associated with contaminated water especially if you’re not sure of the condition of the water that is being stored.

The H20 ResQ Copper & Silver Ion patented solution stays in suspension in the water to guard against any contamination that may occur after you have cleaned and filled your water containers from a reliable source. Studies have shown that both Copper and Silver Ions stay in solution for long periods of time, and have properties that prevent contamination. You don’t have to constantly change-out your water each year.
The Third Small bottle is a copper test Reagent. This is included so you can test your water before you drink. Therefore, this test will give you peace of mind knowing your water is still protected and ready to use.

All you do is take a small amount of water out of your container and fill the vial half full, add 3 drops of the test reagent, replace the lid on the vial, and shake. If the test water has a yellow to amber color, it is ready to use. If it is clear or cloudy, it has been contaminated since filling and needs to be treated again, as per instructions enclosed in the box.

Endorsed by the Commander of Public Health Service (retired), and developed by Dr. Terry A. Ring, former Chairman and professor of the University of Utah’s Chemical Engineering Dept. this is one product you’ll want to have in your Emergency Preparedness supplies!

How do you know if water is safe to drink in the wild?

Millions of organisms unnoticeable live in fresh water so we need to be cautious even when we see a river, lake or stream that looks clear. If you don’t purity unfamiliar water there is a good chance you might get extremely sick. Some fresh waterways and mountain springs might look safe or even be safe to drink, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution, treat, boil or filter water first.

How to make water safe for drinking?

Water purification methods at home or in the wilderness greatly depend upon the type of water and the purification treatment available. Wherever you are, water can be treated with chemicals; either chlorine or iodine. You could also use a RapidPure UltraCeram Filter or an ultraviolet light. The old fashion way is boiling water. All of these methods are useful provided they are done correctly.

Nevertheless, you only need to choose one method that you are comfortable with. However, some people prefer a portable filter even after they boil water or use a chemical.

What are some safe water purification techniques?


Boiling water is a reliable way to purity water.  Even so, boiling water takes fuel and time. Furthermore, during the summer it’s not that appealing to drink hot water. In addition you will want to filter the water to remove foreign particles especially if the water was taken from a suspicious water source.

Iodine solution, tablets or crystals

This is an effective convenient method. Iodine solutions and tablets have the ability to kill viruses and bacteria. Even though they are lightweight and easy to use it takes about thirty minutes before you can drink treated water. This method is not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, it has an adverse aftertaste that you might not like.

Chlorine drops

Chlorine drops have the ability to kill bacteria in water. It is also a lightweight, affordable, easily accessible way to treat water. As mentioned before with iodine tablets you need to wait for thirty minutes before you can drink treated water. You need to make sure not to drip in too many drops as it could be poisonous when you use too much.

Water Purifiers and Filters

Good water filters can remove bacteria in water. Carbon filters on the other hand get rid of the chemicals and awful tastes while iodine coated screens remove viruses. Filter treated water can be consumed after a treatment and the water has no bad taste. However, filters are heavier to carry than iodine or chlorine, they are more costly and some need manual pumps.

Rapid Pure Ultra light UltraCeram Filters do not need to be pumped, they flow by gravity. Also filters need to be cleaned after a period of activity. Eventually filters need to be replaced after treating several gallons of water.

Ultraviolet Light

An Ultraviolet light looks similar to a small flashlight. To kill the bacteria all you need to do is swish it around in the water for a few minutes. This technique is easy to carry and use. Unfortunately you will need batteries to operate it and extra batteries should you run out of juice. As said with other water purification techniques solid particles do not leave the water unless you filter them out.

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H20 ResQ 2 Part Biofilm Defender

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