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M2 Soap Gal – Low Suds – Non Foaming


Non Foaming Miracle II Low Suds Soap (1 gallon)

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Miracle II Soap – Low Suds Non Foaming Miracle Soap Gallon

This item is NOT the original Miracle II Soap you’re used to. The consistency of this product is much thinner than regular Miracle Soap. This Miracle II non-foaming soap has no foaming agent added to it. This soap does not foam much although it does a little when you first use it.

This particular soap is designed more so for cleaning projects that need little foaming action. This or even the regular Miracle Soap can be used on bugs. Miracle II non-foaming soap can be used to take the grease off concrete. It can be used in the dishwasher except only in small amounts. It also doesn’t have much grit to it so it may not scrub in the way a grittier cleaner would.

This is the most unique and amazing, natural product ever available to mankind, it is a naturally-derived, complex mixture of minerals unlike anything else ever blended together for the purpose of cleaning.

This product is ideal for the dishwasher or scrubbing oil spots off concrete or as an enhancement to plants or even as a deterrent to rid of unwanted insects. Remember THIS IS NOT the original Miracle II Soap formula, although it is made by the same manufacturer.

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