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Miracle II Soap 22 oz


How Miracle Soap Works and What Does it Do? Miracle II Soap is perfect for normal or oily skin and hair, and great  for cleaning anything that water won’t hurt.

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Miracle II Soap 22 ozMiracle Soap is the only product that is made in the world that can wash a newborn baby or clean up an oil spill and everything in between. This one product will do it all and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

People with oily skin often prefer to bathe with regular Miracle Soap. In addition, Miracle II Soap is a cleaner, degreaser, and deodorizer that will replace every household cleaner you use. It can also be used for industrial and institutional use great for washing cars, windows, etc.

Miracle Soap is a body cleanser that will clean the entire sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face, body, and scalp. When this happens, the body works the way God made it to work to detoxify itself.

After a while of using the soap, you’ll find that Miracle Soap is immensely versatile. Therefore, it can replace all of your personal hair and skin care products, as well as your household cleaning products. Furthermore, it is strong enough to disinfect, yet gentle enough for the skin. Its strength will be determined by the dilution or the amount you use.

Miracle II Soap 22 oz Usage Instructions:

With 1 or 2 drops of Miracle Soap scrub your body with a Bath Shower Sponge. A Luffa bath sponge scrubber will isolate the soap and give you one of the most enjoyable showers.

Add 1 oz of Miracle II Soap and 1 oz of Miracle II Neutralizer to a bathtub of water and soak for at least ½ hr. Use a drop or two of soap to scrub your hair and before you get out of the shower, shower off thoroughly. When you’re done you’ll notice how clean you feel and the water’s color will show how well your body detoxified.

Miracle Soap ingredients:

Complex Mixture of Organic Minerals – Electrically Engineered Eloptic Energized Stabilized Oxygenated Water – Ash of Dedecyl Solution – Dehydrabiethylamine – Calcium – Potassium – Magnesium – Foaming agent: Coconut Extract

How soap works! What does soap do? How does soap work? And finally how does soap clean?

Soap alone cannot kill all germs or remove dirt. It is the act of running water along with the oils in the soap that help loosen the dirt so the germs and grim can be rinsed off.

Soaps and detergents are used for cleaning because pure water alone can’t remove oily, organic soiling. Soap lowers water surface tension and acts like an emulsifier. An emulsifier allows oil and water to mix so that oily grime can be removed during a rinse.

Will Miracle 2 Soap get rid of ants and other insects?

Soapy water is a natural insecticide that kills most insects and not just ants. Soapy water breaks down their natural water resistance causing them to sink and drown. Since their breathing tubes are located on the sides of their abdomens they drown underwater.

What is the best non toxic soap?

Miracle II green soap is the best non toxic, chemical free soap, as well as a natural body wash, shampoo, de-greaser and cleanser.

Is Miracle 2 Soap the fastest way to kill Ants?

Well, I guess that depends how you use it! Boiling hot water and Miracle Soap 2 work the best. The key to killing ants is to get soapy water boiling hot. The ants usually don’t drown just because of water, so you need to scorch them. The soap breaks down their natural water resistance and causes them to sink and drown.

How to kill ants with Miracle Soap and Hot Water!

Boil a large pot of water and stir in a teaspoon of Miracle Soap.  Pour that soapy hot water into an ant hole and around the active nest. As mentioned earlier hot water and soap get rid of ants fairly well especially when it suffocates the queen of a colony.

Miracle II Soap Gallon

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