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pH Test Paper – 15 ft. Roll with Dispenser Case & Color Chart


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pH Test Paper – 15 ft. roll with dispenser case & color chart

This test paper is well suited for testing of pH levels for both urine and saliva. The paper is very easy to use. Just pull out and tear off a couple inches of the paper strip, dip it in either the urine or saliva sample and shake off the excess fluids. After just a few seconds, you can match the paper strip with the color chart and easily see the pH level.

The neutral pH level for water is 7.0. However, the neutral pH level for testing urine and saliva are lower due to the extra elements contained in the fluids. According to Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), the ideal pH level for both urine and saliva is 6.4. Therefore, any reading less than 6.4 is more acidic and any reading above 6.4 is more alkaline. This paper tests for pH levels between 5.5 and 8.0.

What is pH Test Paper?

pH paper is the easy, fast, least expensive way to measure acidity or alkalinity of a substance. pH Test paper is sold in continuous strips of paper. pH Test papers usually come in booklets or in rolls where you can tear off a desired amount of paper.

How do pH Strips Work?

pH Test Strips are well-known as indicator strips. They have multiple pads attached to a card or plastic backing strip. Overall changed color patterns seen across all of the pads gives the result.

How else can you test pH?

A step up from pH paper and pH strips is a pH meter. Digital pH meters provide greater accuracy without having to manually dip a strip, let dry and compare colors.

Test papers and strips are a great way to measure pH for those who need a fast and low cost option.

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