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Sock Locks Doubles and Singles Choose from 6 Colors


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Sock Lock Double and Single Assortment – Lock a Soc Sock Locks

Sock Lock Assortment 16 Singles/4 Doubles = (4 Sheets of 1 Color)

Choose from 6 colors
• 4-Blue
• 4-Red
• 4-White
• 4-Orange
• 4-Lime Green
• 4-Light Pink

Sock Lock – Storage, Loss and Prevention!

What is the definition for a Sockdock? A Sockdock is kind of like a clothes hanger with a role of sock clips. It is a pairing devise that holds socks together while they wait for the wash, dryer and storage.

We all agree sock loss prevention is very important knowing the cost and time it takes to sort socks. Hanging socks in an orderly group may not be as essential unless of course you worry about the colors fading and blending in the wash.

The most convenient way to prevent sock loss is to use a sock lock laundry helper. A Sock Lock is nothing more than a sock holder ring with three securing tabs. Three locking tabs make it easier to slide paired socks through a single ring. Sock locks are also said to be the best sock clips for washing machine.  Our Sock Ring will not bang around in a washing machine since the sock fabric gathers in around it.

Sock holder rings don’t need to be hung up on a wall or in a closet while they wait for a wash. Ideally, the best time to install sock savers is immediately after you take socks off your feet, just before you toss them in the laundry. This way they’ll be together and come back when you need them.

Sock Locks work well for all sizes of socks.  Therefore, they are particularly good for adult socks, kid socks, baby socks including boys, girls, men and women, no show, low cut, ankle socks, dress socks and athletic socks.

Sock savers and laundry sock clips teach children to organize and be responsible. Six beautiful colored rings are available so each child can have a color to manage his or her own socks. If your socks are thick use the double sock rings. Thinner socks secure best in single sock rings.

Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

4-Blue, 4-Red, 4-White, 4-Orange, 4-Lime Green, 4-Light Pink


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